A Welcome Resignation at DHS

A Welcome Resignation at DHS, Power Line,  Paul Mirengoff, July 31, 2017

(Please see also, Break out the champagne: State Department officials quitting over “complete and utter disdain for our expertise.” Another pro-Islam official,  the Director of Countering Violent Extremism, leaves the Department of Homeland Security. — DM)

Selim’s resignation is evidence of a clear and welcome break by the Trump administration from Obama-era policy on countering radical Islam


I try to write about both the good and the bad of the Trump administration, as I see things.Here’s an important addition to the good column:

George Selim, a prominent Obama administration holdover known for engaging fringe Islamic radicals, has resigned from the Department of Homeland Security. Selim left his post as director of Countering Violent Extremism (CVE). . . .

A DHS source familiar with the situation. . .explained that Selim often clashed with Trump administration officials who sought to do away with the past president’s policies. Senior officials effectively quashed Selim’s efforts to maneuver Obama White House policies and strategies into the new administration, leaving a frustrated Selim with resignation as his only option.

I wrote about CVE here, describing it as a slush fund for CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood. Indeed, Jordan Schachtel of Conservative Review notes that Selim admitted to hosting hundreds of meetings with officials from the CAIR, an Islamic advocacy group that federal prosecutors have labeled as a Muslim Brotherhood front group that was created to achieve the ends of Hamas (a U.S.-designated terrorist organization).

The premise of CVE is that the best way to fight violent extremists is with “non violent extremist” Salafi clergy who have the most influence on them. As Daniel Greenfield has said:

What it really comes down to is paying Muslims to argue with other Muslims on social media. And hope that the Muslims we’re paying to do the arguing are the good kind of extremists, like the Muslim Brotherhood, and not the bad kind of extremists, like ISIS. Even though they’re both vicious killers.

Greenfield added:

CVE not only doesn’t fight terrorism, it perpetuates the whole reason for it by outsourcing our interaction with domestic Muslims to the Saudis and the Muslim Brotherhood. That’s a big part of how we got a terrorism problem in the first place. CVE’s promoters have convinced us that the best way to fight Islamic terrorism is by partnering with Islamic terrorists.

In reality, the best way to fight Islamic terrorism is not to “parse different flavors of Islam,” as Greenfield put it, but to distinguish between those citizens whose allegiance we have and those whose allegiance we do not have. However, to quote Greenfield again, CVE “rejects the idea that Muslims should be expected to show their allegiance [to the United States] and instead demands that the United States show its allegiance to them.” It thus “inverts the balance of citizenship and invests the United States in an unspoken religious debate.”

One of the consequences of this approach was the watering down the FBI’s counterterrorism training materials, including the elimination of valuable information that would help agents identify terrorists. According to Patrick Poole, this “purge” contributed to clues being missed by the FBI in major terrorism cases, including last year’s bombing of the Boston Marathon

Thus, Selim’s resignation is evidence of a clear and welcome break by the Trump administration from Obama-era policy on countering radical Islam.

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6 Comments on “A Welcome Resignation at DHS”

  1. John Prophet Says:


    We are mere


    of the void.

    Specks on an

    infinitesimally small

    mote in limitless space.

    Lost by size,

    overlooked by indifference.

    The stars will shine,

    the planets will spin

    regardless of our future.

    We are children

    who have a high opinion

    of ourselves,

    think we talk to God.

    Presumptuous beyond belief.

    Yet, we are children

    on the verge of a pivot

    of unimaginable


    into infinite knowledge

    or total oblivion.

    It all hangs on a thread.

    Soon, it will be determine

    if we all slide

    into the depths

    of non existence

    with nor a sigh

    from the universe,

    or transform into the Seers,

    watching the birth

    of intelligence

    on a galactic scale.

    What a pivot indeed!

  2. John Prophet Says:


    It began

    as the second decade

    of the 21 Century

    entered middle age,

    an underlying

    sense of unease,


    New technology


    altering perceptions.


    not seeming so sure.

    Our five senses,

    were they enough?

    Were they telling

    us the whole story,

    or was most of it


    from our perceptions?


    questions were being asked.

    Are we alone?

    Do we live in a computer


    a Matrix?

    Is there a Multiverse?

    Parallel dimensions?

    Quantum mechanics

    suggested the underlying

    substructure of reality

    was just probabilities.

    What does that even mean?

    Are we bright enough

    to ask the right questions?

    String theory,

    M theory,

    the theory of



    The Singularity is near,

    post humanism,


    Will people learn

    to live together

    or tear each other apart?

    Are we on the cusp

    of a golden age

    or a nightmare?

    Utopia or dystopia?

    Will we ever know

    the truth?

    Are we even capable



    with the


    Yet to be determined.

    • Confusion

      Not sure

      what you’re saying.

      Prophesy or poetry

      is there a difference?

      Not sure

      what I’m saying.

      • John Prophet Says:

        The Melding

        Watch the people.
        They are changing
        right in front
        of our eyes.
        they’re evolving,
        becoming something
        something more,
        something different.

        A new paradigm
        is emerging.
        Not very many years ago
        people walked down
        the street
        looking straight ahead.

        they bow at the neck
        to the new god
        they made,
        and are connected with.
        is now what
        they focus on
        and desire.
        it will be connected
        to them,
        into their heads.

        they will access
        the sum
        of all
        human knowledge
        with just a
        they will communicate
        without speaking.
        The global
        human neural net
        is evolving.
        it will merge
        with artifice intelligence.

        Techno Sapiens
        will then emerge.
        New gods
        will have
        on the scene.
        Where it goes
        from there,
        is beyond ours
        to know!

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