Jews Return to Temple Mount – Status Quo No More

Source: Jews Return to Temple Mount – Status Quo No MoreThe Jewish Press | Jewish Press News Briefs | 23 Tammuz 5777 – July 17, 2017 |

Photo Credit: Arnon Segal – Facebook page

Proving once again that the “status quo” on the Temple Mount can and should be changed, police allowed a group of Jews up onto the Temple Mount on Monday morning, for the first time since the Islamic terror attack on Friday in which two Israeli policemen were murdered by Israeli-Arab terrorists.

What made this visit so unique is that for the first time in years, there were no Waqf officials and no paid Islamic Mourabitoun (m) and Mourabitat (f) provocateurs tracking, following and harassing the Jewish visitors to the holy site, as is normally the case.

 There were no screams of “Allahu Ahkbar” and the police weren’t afraid of Arab riots, violence or trouble. The police were also unconcerned with what the Jews said during their visit.

Arnon Segal, a Makor Rishon reporter and Temple Mount activist wrote on his Facebook page, “We’re back, thank God. With more Jews on the Mountain, freedom of worship and service to God, tomorrow our smile will be even more beautiful.”

Waqf officials, some of whom the police suspect may have assisted the terrorists, are refusing to enter the Temple Mount after the police installed metal detectors at the entrances.

Already a change for the better.

Update: According to Israel Hatzolah, the group of Jews said Kaddish at the location where the two Druze policemen were murdered by the terrorists.

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2 Comments on “Jews Return to Temple Mount – Status Quo No More”

  1. joopklepzeiker Says:

    Fatah calls for violence and ‘rage’ following terror attack

    Fatah rebroadcasts video in which Abbas calls for violence to prevent Jews from ascending Temple Mount following deadly terror attack.

    Can somebody hang this peace of trash on a square with his intestines hanging out and so high that the dogs can reach it .

  2. John Prophet Says:

    Enemy Within.

    Good and evil
    resides in
    us all.
    Both look out
    our eyes.
    Both course
    through our veins.

    The spectrum of
    us is a score
    played out
    in our hearts
    and in our minds.

    Evil and good are in
    opposition, spread out
    on a spectrum a
    blur in between.

    Good and evil are relative,
    dictated by events in part.

    Dictated by beliefs and story.

    One mans good deed
    is another’s

    Evil and good are one
    in the same.

    Opposite sides
    of the same coin.

    Embedded on our soul.

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