The Greatest Hostage Rescue in History -The Raid on Entebe – YouTube




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2 Comments on “The Greatest Hostage Rescue in History -The Raid on Entebe – YouTube”

  1. JC Head Says:

    Certainly, “Operation Thunderbolt” was truly amazing, one for the history books.

    However, when awarding “Greatest In History” honors, please do not forget 4000 years ago when your forefather Abraham rescued many hostages, including his nephew Lot, from Elamite king Chedorlaomer.

    He had neither airplanes, nor guns, nor Land Rovers, nor a black Mercedes Benz. With only 318 men he traveled as much as 300 km on foot, north of Damascus, dividing his forces and executing night-time guerrilla raids to progressively defeat a highly superior enemy.

    Abraham not only rescued Lot and his family, but all of the other people and goods that the coalition of kings had stolen. And he returned it all to the rightful owners, without taking a percentage, even though they tried to pay it to him.

    Abraham did not have Yitzhak Rabin, Shimon Peres & General Motta Gur supporting him. But he did have the One True God, Jehovah, The Most High, making his way successful!

    And as for the behavior of Abraham afterward, when accolades were showered his way, he was totally self-effacing. He directed all credit to The Most High.

    It’s all there in Genesis chapter 14. True history, regardless of the naysayers.

  2. You may have seen the Charles Bronson movie about the Raid on Entebbe, but I bet you have NOT seen the fascinating youtube documentary video here.
    I wasn’t planning on spending 44 minutes watching this tonight but that was an amazing documentary and filled in many details about a mission I had only read about in books like Gideon’s Spies: The Secret History of the Mossad. I wish there was a way to work this story into my own books but it’s a little off topic – I guess I’ll just blog about it…
    Thank you warsclerotic!

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