Author Herman Wouk (My 102 yr old dad) on CBS This Morning




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7 Comments on “Author Herman Wouk (My 102 yr old dad) on CBS This Morning”

  1. joopklepzeiker Says:

    We are so impressed to see a blessed legend still kicking around .

    P and F

  2. Thanks, Joe. Jeanie and I enjoyed it. Your dad seems to be doing great!

  3. IraB Says:

    Watching this was a privilege. What a massive talent your dad is. (AND, you ain’t bad yourself). Often, when I recognize that another person is greater than, better than, ME, I am humbled and I feel, “small”. Seeing and hearing your dad, I feel larger, for the experience! Thank you.

  4. John Prophet. Says:

    Pretty damn cool actually!!

  5. Sandra (Hutak) Labonte Says:

    Joe so glad to see your dad is doing fantastic for his age. The interview was inspiring. Surprised to know you have been having an amazing life of your own since I last saw you. I knew you were meant for great things.

  6. Joe Finkelstein Says:

    Joseph, your father is a living legacy to the world and especially to our Jewish people. You are a richly blessed son!

  7. Rubenstein, Richard Says:

    Condolences. I never met your father, but we went to the same high school. Townsend Harris, and I admired his writing.

    Richard L, Rubenstein, STM, PhD (Harvard) President Emeritus University of Bridgeport

    Sent from my iPad

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