Judicial Watch Statement on U.S. Supreme Court’s Travel Ban Decision

Judicial Watch Statement on U.S. Supreme Court’s Travel Ban Decision, June 26, 2017

(Short and sweet. — DM)

Washington, DC) – Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton issued the following statement in response to today’s decision by the U.S. Supreme Court concerning President Trump’s Executive Order that, among other anti-terrorist measures, temporarily restricts most travel from certain Middle East nations:

Today, in a historic decision, every Supreme Court justice agreed for now to reinstate practically all of President Trump’s executive order concerning travel. This is a major blow to anti-Trump activist judges on the lower courts.  And it is a big victory for our nation’s security, President Trump, and the rule of the law.  In light of today’s strong ruling, the Trump administration should consider additional steps to keep terrorists out of the United States.

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7 Comments on “Judicial Watch Statement on U.S. Supreme Court’s Travel Ban Decision”

  1. Hadenoughalready Says:

    As I understood the ruling, there were two specific exceptions: those with family or business already established within the US and those who’ve already obtained Visas(not sure about the specifics of this second one).
    Though I’m glad the court sided with Trump, it is my opinion that they had no power to restrict presidential powers allotted him by the Constitution.
    In fact, there shouldn’t have even been a discussion – just an “in-one-hand, out-the-other” rubber stamp and out the door. It should be all or nothing.

    • joopklepzeiker Says:

      But what now with the lower court judges, they have shown a great incompetence and a great political agenda !

      • Hadenoughalready Says:

        I don’t recall which show, but it was on a Fox subtitle, that Trump was considering dissolution of the Ninth Circuit.

        • joopklepzeiker Says:

          That would be something !

          • Hadenoughalready Says:

            Little by little Trump is finding where all the “cobwebs” are and, by his temperament, he’ll clean them out, too. At least he brings hope, unlike the last son of a jackal.

          • joopklepzeiker Says:

            But you understand that if honesty become the new norm that the whole society will collapse ?

          • Hadenoughalready Says:

            So be it! Let the collapse commence.

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