Men Like These

Men Like These, Bill Whittle Channel via YouTube, June 21, 2017

The short blurb beneath the video summarizes:

A former Special Forces soldier in Mosul runs, unarmed, through an ISIS free-fire zone to rescue an Iraqi child. The video illustrates a story that’s not told often enough, but Scott Ott, Bill Whittle and Stephen Green work to remedy that.

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21 Comments on “Men Like These”

  1. joopklepzeiker Says:

    Yep, an hero !
    Brainless but an hero !

  2. Hadenoughalready Says:

    This guy is the definition of what America and the “civilized world” stands for – unlike the barbarians of the progressive (to what end) liberal movement and those of the mozlem ideology who are feverishly trying to infiltrate and utterly destroy.
    The man may be a hero to some, perhaps most, but he’s only “doing the right thing”; as I’m quite sure he’ll state himself. After all, it’s what “civilized folks” do, right?

    • joopklepzeiker Says:

      Agree, Brainless ” civilized” , the road to extinction in a non civilized world.

      • Hadenoughalready Says:

        Foolish and ideological as it may seem, let’s hope the civilized prevails. Otherwise, we succumb to the barbarians. And I refuse!

        • joopklepzeiker Says:

          There is nothing to refuse for you it is coming your way anyway , realize that !

          But let me explain it this way .

          It is NOT civilized to have ( still ) the need for the best and extensive and expensive trained soldiers who are trained to kill , and the moron sorry the hero with an identity complex risk all our resources we have spend on him to save a child in a place on the other side of the world instead killing the people we have trained him for .

          Are we already so retarded that we have forgotten the real purpose of soldiers and an army ?

          And it have NOTHING to do with being civilized , nothing at all !

          soldiers and an army are /is not the salvation army !
          It is a well trained greased killing machine till near perfection, that is why we pay them for .

          Our Islamism enemies are a way better in understanding this , we are loosing this on each an every front if we not realizing this .

          is suicide civilized ?

          • Hadenoughalready Says:

            The fact that we have the individual determination to defeat our enemies is enough for me. Whoever the enemy, our ideology of liberty is what drives us to fight to the end.

            “Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death” – Without that determination, we have nothing.

          • joopklepzeiker Says:

            Minneapolis installs SHARIA HOTLINES for Muslims to Report ‘islamophobia’


            “Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death” , a nice saying but a bit hollow, you have already lost your freedom and the system is not giving it back on request not even if asked civilized .

          • Hadenoughalready Says:

            It’s only hollow if you’re working within the system. The “system” IS the problem and THAT is what we seek liberty from.
            To the Founding Fathers, this nation is no longer recognizable.

          • joopklepzeiker Says:

            we liberty lovers belonging to an endangered specie and becoming extinct in time .

          • The former special forces member is no longer in the Army. So much for risking “all our resources we have spend on him” just to save a little girl’s life. He did risk his own life but had two men firing their rifles to suppress fire which otherwise might well have hit him or her. Both got back to safety.

            Excellent training and coordination of efforts work and I am very proud of those who trained and those who learned well.

          • joopklepzeiker Says:

            1) When he was saving the girl he WAS in the army , otherwise what was he doing as civilian with a bullet proof vest and soldiers backup in Mosul, ex special forces posible but ex army , he had still his blend in beard !
            2) When he was rescuing the girl he was not killing enemy,s, and that is what is trained for .
            3) His rescue action toke 3 man fire power from the battle .
            4) If he was killed/wounded due his rescue action his team lost one unit fire power and had to take risk to recover his dead body what would take another 2 / 3 / firepower units and endangering hie team/mates

            Human wise a brave action, as expensive trained soldier an stupid action, i would transfer him to another unit, i can not use in the heat of a fight emotional actions at cost of the team effort or efficiency he endangered his team .

            And it has nothing to do whit being civilized but all with good effective operating soldiers .
            war is NOT civilized.

          • Joop, this in response to your 8:47 pm (Israeli time) comment claiming that Mr. Eubank is currently in the U.S. military,

            According to this article at Washington Free Beacon,

            A retired U.S. Special Forces operative who is now an aid worker recently saved a little girl from Islamic State gunfire in western Mosul, Iraq, and it was all captured on video.

            David Eubank, 56, an aid worker with the Free Burma Rangers, a volunteer services organization, works with Iraqi forces in Mosul and provides aid to civilians who have been caught in ISIS’ grasp, the Los Angeles Times reported.

            Watching the video and listening to the commentary, or even reading the blurb beneath the video, should have disabused you of any notion that Eubank is still in the U.S. military.

          • joopklepzeiker Says:

            What ever Dan , he was covered by army man .

          • Joop, where did you get your information that “he was covered by army man?” The video notes that he was embedded with the Peshmerga. They have pretty good snipers too.

          • joopklepzeiker Says:

            Clearly covered by 2 special USA ops ( mmm, perhaps not so clearly , perhaps also ex army ), later came a local man (Fighter ).
            But that would mean that there are USA civilians fighting in Iraq

            Again a very brave human action but from militarily standpoint not smart .

            I understand very well the emotional point but i prefer rational thinking and action on a battle scene , and special from special forces .

            I do not fall easily for that typical USA emotional feelgood advertisement .
            I had a look at their website , o well part1/2and 3 , a NGO ? special ops with regrets ?

            Ps : how many civilians/children are killed by the latest bombardments in Syria an Iraq ?

  3. Tom Carter Says:

    Very impressive. A special kind of man.

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