The New Media Should Drive the News Cycle

The New Media Should Drive the News Cycle, American Thinker, James Lewis, June 12, 2017

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I believe that the New Media deserve major credit for deconstructing the Old Media narrative.  Right after James Comey’s much-hyped congressional testimony, several New Media sites picked up the real news – namely, that Comey had actually outed himself as a top leaker in the Deep Government by sending his own written memo, typed on government time, on a government computer, to attack the president of the United States, with no proof of illegal or unethical behavior at all. 

That should have been the lead story for the New Media.  We had the Comey leaker story, and we told the story, but it was reactive; it took the false narrative of Trump’s supposed obstruction of justice as the point of departure.  That seems to validate the false accusation against Trump and only pointed out its falsehoods.

The Old Media don’t play defense.  They play offense, and let the truth be damned.  The New Media are winning the battle for American minds, but they have not yet learned to actively drive the news cycle. 

As a result, Trump’s magnificent spectacle in Saudi Arabia, which turned the Saudis, along with 50 national Muslim leaders, along with Egypt, Israel and the United States, against Iranian aggression and Iran’s proxy state, Qatar, went more or less unnoticed.  Today, the Gulf Council alliance, backed by the United States, is starting to choke Arab commerce with Qatar, and if that campaign succeeds, the Qataris will have to back down.

On top of all that, for the first time since 9/11, we have pinpointed a major source of funding and direction for horrific massacres in the West – namely, Qatar.  This is a clear move against the Iranian terror sponsors as well, therefore this is a strategic move against the Shi’ite half of jihad.

The Saudis have to do much, much more.  But Trump (aided by Mattis and Jared Kushner) has started a major turning point in the jihad war.  The huge MOAB weapon against ISIS in Afghanistan is part of the strategic turnaround.

Some of the New Media have done an excellent job in covering the MOAB and the Saudi Trump celebration.  But we have not used this major event to drive the news cycle.

That is because we will leave the aggressive role in the media wars to the New York Times and its corrupt left-jihadist P.R. gang.  We have direct evidence for headline collusion and endless lying from the NYT-led media aggressors.

But the New Media should steal the lead from the NYT and its historically communist ally, the U.K. Guardian, which also controls the BBC.

We are like that losing football team that gives up offensive plays, so it gets pushed back and back and back.  Conservatives complain that we are always on defense.  But from our current state of play, taking the offense is not difficult at all.  All it takes is a changing of mindset from being a loser to being a winner.

Look at all the news driver’s we’ve missed.

Trump’s overturning of Obama’s bizarre and anti-American attacks on U.S. industries.

Trump’s opening up of U.S. hydrocarbon production, thereby driving down the cost of fuel around the world and putting OPEC in a double-bind.

Trump’s victory in getting Israel and the Pals to sit down and talk turkey on the details of a settlement.

Putin’s eagerness to ally with the United States to destroy ISIS, which also includes Russian Chechens, who assassinated children in an elementary school in Beslan twenty years ago and held Moscow citizens hostage in a theater.  Putin and his Russian Orthodox establishment hate the jihad, and they never want trained Chechens to come back from Syria.  Strategic cooperation therefore serves both sides.  One reason for the sudden anti-Russian hate campaign from the Democrats is easy to guess: the Dems are now getting lots of money from Iran.  This is perfect for a real investigative journalist to figure out the details, which are not hard to dig out.

What’s needed is for the New Media to unify around one of these themes – not to copy others, but to add value to their exposés – in order to drive the message home over and over again.   Today we pay too much attention to wacky Nancy Pelosi, as if her scripted and inarticulate verbal bombs are actual news.  They are not.  We make them news.

We can snipe at Pelosi and her wacky ilk all we want, but we need aggressive, positive news memes that all multiple New Media grab as a story – like Comey’s self-confessed corrupt leaking – and use to drive the news cycle.

I’m giving just a few examples, but the New Media are creative, and many people have unique insights.  (We are also much smarter than the mannequins of the Olds.)

Competition is good, but sometimes we should pull together and get our American audience thinking about a clear and present danger.  There are plenty of them.

One reasonable goal would be for the New Media to drive every other news cycle.  That would make it humanly possible to do, rather than being driven crazy to write alarming headlines every 24 hours.  We can follow the real news rather than make it up, as the competition does.

Taking the initiative in driving the news will require discipline and a willingness to work together – not as a mandatory rule, but when the opportunity arises.  The Comey confession to leaking to the NYT is one example.  But this administration gives us many examples.

A vigorous offensive style by the New Media might also stiffen the spine of Republicans in Congress.  It might help to guide and to be guided by the 50 million (or more) Americans who voted for Trump.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance.  Let’s not blow it.  Don’t copy the Olds.  Drive the initiative!

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