Staging of Shakespeare’s ‘Julius Caesar’ Features ‘Trump’ Getting Assassinated

Staging of Shakespeare’s ‘Julius Caesar’ Features ‘Trump’ Getting Assassinated, Inside Edition via YouTube, June 12, 2016


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One Comment on “Staging of Shakespeare’s ‘Julius Caesar’ Features ‘Trump’ Getting Assassinated”

  1. wingate Says:

    Dan – knowing that BHO as well as the Clintons have both large body counts, I’m actually surprised but glad that they did not yet murder the president elect….I guess it didnt happen so far because it would have been too obvious who sent the killers…

    What I see is a global push by the global liberals / anti-christians / anti – Jews to get rid of president elect Trump and his suporters by all means.

    I am afraid that the BHO – democ – rat – pack used the 8 yrs which they were given by the US voters to prepare the ongoing coup d’etat.
    The BHO – democ – rat – pack is holed in Washington DC….Valerie Jarrett moved in to Barry and Michael to run their war room…….

    I actually lost hope that the USA makes it back to be great….
    The 8yrs that US voters gave to the BHO rat-pack simply killed the USA …..

    What I see is a coming dictatorship of the BHO – rat – pack…

    Europe ( as always ) will follow the USA – together they will probably go down the drain…

    But honestly – hasnt the USA as well as europe become worse than Sodom and Gomorrah and therefore will face the same fate ?
    I fear yes…

    The holy scriptures tell us who has won this overall war –
    the one and only God of Israel !
    This is the winning team to join !

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