Pomp and Circumstance at Turkish Madrassa In Montenegro named after grand executioner of Christians

By – on June 10, 2017

Source: Pomp and Circumstance at Turkish Madrassa In Montenegro named after grand executioner of Christians – Geller Report

Islam in the Balkans.

June 7, 2017. The Turkish government’s long-term plan for the expansion of Islam in Europe is quite evidently advancing through the example of the 9th anniversary of the founding of the Islamic indoctrination school (madrasa) in the Montenegrin capital of Podgorica. The so-called “graduation”, a cheesy faux show put on display at this madrasa was orchestrated to impress the TV cameras with the spectacle of a pompous Islamic graduation. This school for young European Moslems is appropriately named “Mehmet Fatih” in honor of the most ambitious Turkish dictator (sultan) and grand executioner of Christians, Muhammed el-Fatih (Muhammed the Conqueror), who waged wars against Europe and slaughtered Medieval Christians left and right, and who brutally conquered Constantinople in 1453. The graduation ceremony was again attended by the ubiquitous Turkish ambassador to Montenegro, Serhat Galip. The nefarious Turkish State Agency For International Cooperation and Coordination (TIKA) was also represented at the occasion, along with hundreds of Muslim attendees with their automatic applauses. This was an event for Moslems, by the Moslems, of the Moslems. So much for the avowed “inclusiveness” and “diversity”, which were, as usual, heard out loud as convenient phrases with which to mask the meaning. The occasion was used to spread Islamic propaganda in spite of the fact that Montenegro used to be one of the staunchest and proudest Christian countries in Europe.

The Turkish Madrasa In Montenegro Celebrates Its 9th Anniversary The Graduate Way

The madrasa “Mehmet Fatih” in Podgorica has seen off its sixth generation of male graduates and second generation of female graduates. The grand occasion for 51 valedictorians, which was held at Tuzima, was attended by many delegates, parents and officials, reported the Turkish news agency Anadolu Agency (AA). The director of the madrasa “Mehmet Fatih”, Fuad Cekic, made sure to tell everyone that the tenth anniversary will be celebrated next year. A high ranking Moslem official in the secular government of Montenegro, Rafet Husović, along with two other officials, Damir Sehovic and Mehmet Zenka, used the occasion to rally the audience from the podium by telling it that “the Islamic Community of Montenegro is the pivot for all Muslims in Montenegro”. He went on to say that “This means that the project behind the madrasa has succeeded. The proof for that lies in the fact that this year we have the largest number of graduates so far. Moreover, the curiosity and interest in enrollment is growing. What sets us apart from others is the emphasis on moral responsibility, social integration with the staunch consciousness of one’s own identity and traditions blended with the modern standard of education. The motto for our activities is accountability on the basis of humility and the fear of God, social integration with no compromise on identity  – and that the service of God is conducted through the assistance to the fellow man.” The students of this madrasa have the possibility of receiving education about things beyond just Islam.

The Muslim minister for education in the secular government of Montenegro, Damir Sehovic, said that it is essential for the education system in Montenegro to celebrate the diversity [read: the inclusion of Muslims everywhere] as a value and not a danger. He concluded by saying that for this purpose the present madrasa of Montenegro is instrumental. The graduate students of this madrasa are expected to promote these values throughout the society. The Islamic Society of Montenegro participates in all the democratic processes. This society supports all the minorities and cultures as the best way to contribute to Montenegro’s progress.

The Turkish State Agency For International Cooperation and Coordination (TIKA) was thanked for all its money and work in support of the madrasa as well as for its numerous activities, including over 300 projects in the last nine years.



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