Just a bit from the life of a warsclerotic administrator .

Amazing we have the house closed up, all windows and doors are in and that just in 7 weeks !!!
But , yeah in know always a but , the carpenter is running around with a sanding machine making a lot of noise, raving about the orbital sander reviews and DUST !
And to top this of, 2 of the 3 air conditioners got the idea to quit , one spit out his guts under a loud noise and dripping his oil on the roof which i was preparing for another coat of paint , ain’t that nice, oil before painting .

Yep , i,am in a fantastic mood ,  jumped into the pool with my best friend Heineken .Waiting for the airco guy under the monotone sound of a circular sander !

Have a nice day !

I have turned my brain  off, so this is for you, me and the rest of the freaking world !
The Varnish fumes helps also a lot  !
keep on smiling

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