Despite Obama’s Best Efforts of Aiding Both Sides, Syria is at War

Despite Obama’s Best Efforts of Aiding Both Sides, Syria is at War, The Point (Front Page Magazine), Daniel Greenfield, May 26, 2017

Despite my best efforts, I’m sitting here typing this post. Despite these best efforts, here’s another sentence. Despite Obama’s best efforts of helping Islamists start wars, there’s a war in Syria.

Go figure.

“For example I look at a place like Syria, where despite our best efforts, and this is something I worked on a lot, we still have a vicious war… “

What best efforts?

Obama unleashed the Arab Spring, armed one side in the conflict, then gave backdoor approval to the other side, aided Iran, aided Qatar, and to his surprise, there’s a vicious war.

Why blame him? He just armed one side. Then financed the other side. How could there still be a war?

Here’s more of this senseless gibberish.

… and it is going to require I think everything we can do to recognize that what happens on the other side of the world… it has an impact on us, and we’re going to have to be invested in helping those countries find peace and prosperity. As president, I didn’t always have the tools that I want to effect those kinds of changes, but at least we tried. And if you try long enough, eventually… the better angels of our nature win out.

What is the point of any of this?

The only thing Obama’s policy accomplished in Syria was to wreck the country and kill hundreds of thousands of people. And as much as I despise him, I don’t believe he wanted that. He wanted the Islamists to win. But then he crawled into bed with Iran. And he couldn’t decide what to do. Except everything he did made this worse.

And so we get this sad pathetic drivel from a miserable human being with blood all over his hands and empty pandering on his lips.

At least we tried. Just don’t ask what he tried to do.

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