Putin ready to provide records of Trump-Lavrov talks to prove no secrets were leaked

Source: Putin ready to provide records of Trump-Lavrov talks to prove no secrets were leaked — RT News

Russian President Vladimir Putin © Aleksey Nikolskyi / Reuters

Russian President Vladimir Putin says he is ready to provide records of the recent meeting between US leader Donald Trump and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, to dispel the “political schizophrenia” around the allegations that state secrets were leaked.

“If the US administration deems it possible, we are ready to provide the Senate and Congress with the transcript of the conversation between Lavrov and Trump,” Putin said at a press conference, following a meeting with Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni on Wednesday.

Kremlin aide Yury Ushakov followed up on Putin’s statement with a clarification that there was no audio recording at the Trump-Lavrov meeting, and the only form of record available is a transcript.

It comes after the Washington Post claimed that Trump had “revealed highly classified information to the Russian foreign minister [Sergey Lavrov] and ambassador in a White House meeting” on May 10.

Trump maintains that the data he shared with Lavrov concerned flight safety and terrorism, and that he had the “absolute right” to provide the information at an openly scheduled White House meeting.

Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova issued a mocking response to the claims, posting on Facebook: “Have you guys been reading American newspapers again? Don’t read them. They can be used in many different ways, but one shouldn’t read them – recently it has become not only harmful, but dangerous.”

“We are seeing in the US a developing political schizophrenia,” Putin said.

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© Lucas Jackson

“There is no other way I can explain the accusations against the acting US president that he gave away some secrets to Lavrov.”

Those who “are destabilizing the internal US political situation using anti-Russian slogans either don’t understand that they are bringing this nonsense in on their own side, and then they are just stupid, or else they understand everything, and then they are dangerous and corrupt people,” Putin said.

“Anyway, this is a US matter, and we don’t want and don’t plan to interfere,” the Russian president said.

Putin promptly followed his statements about the Trump-Lavrov meeting by saying he did share some secrets with the Italian prime minister.

“As for the message I delivered to Mr. Prime Minister, it is of a secret nature, I cannot tell you about it,” Putin said with a smile.

While much discussed by the media, the alleged state secret leaks appear not to have damaged Washington’s overseas alliances. UK Prime Minister Theresa May has vowed to continue sharing intelligence data with the US.

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16 Comments on “Putin ready to provide records of Trump-Lavrov talks to prove no secrets were leaked”

  1. A fool’s errand. Trying to explain, and thinking the liberal dems might accept the truth, is as useless as giving landing instructions to a gibbon.

  2. John Prophet Says:

    This will sweep up Susan Rice and Hillary Clinton.
    It is written!

    • With the appointment of Robert Mueller to investigate the Trump administration’s alleged ties with Russia, things could take a turn for the worse for certain unnamed Hillary-oriented individuals. Assuming Mueller is a white hat, and I have no reason to believe otherwise, he just might find no evidence indicating illegal activity on the part of the Trump team. However, Mueller may uncover further evidence of wrongdoing on the part of the Dems, Hillary, and their enablers. If so, I suspect Mueller would be limited to recommending an expansion of the investigation before pursuing further leads. Imagine the outrage on the left if this was the case.

      Meanwhile, the MSM seems concerned that the narrative will be put on ice due to the confidentiality of the investigation, assuming no leaks of course. Nothing was more clear regarding the MSM’s concerns than those displayed by the ‘esteemed’ panel on Morning Joe today. Seems they expect a long drawn out affair. They complained about the anticipated delays while Mueller assembled his team, leased secure office space, and obtained the necessary security clearances for his staff. However, the MSNBC Morning Joe bunch declared it was their constitutional right to pursue the investigation, report their progress, and perform an important service keeping the people informed. In other words, they plan to keep the narrative alive at all costs.

      • John Prophet Says:

        The swamp is fighting back. It a squealing writhing beast that will stop at nothing to stay alive. Its head must be crushed.

      • John Prophet Says:

        The Clintons are the real villians here. They do whatever it takes to keep power and control.

        • John Prophet Says:

          Think about it. Trumps been in power a few months. The Dems had the White House for 8 years. How much dirt do you think they’ve swept under the rug during that time? Mueller will have a field day exposing them. Dems, be careful what you wish for. Well now you have it.

      • John Prophet Says:

        Adding special counsel Meuller by Republicans was genius. This now throws a monkey wrench into the leftist cabals free ride media circus. This issue will now go dark despite their best efforts to keep it alive. Plus, watch all the leftist cockroaches scurry to hide once Meuller starts shining the bright lights onto the swamp!

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