Trudeau buys Broadway tickets for UN tyrants

Trudeau buys Broadway tickets for UN tyrants, Rebel Media via YouTube, May 13, 2017


According to the blurb beneath the video,

Ezra Levant of reports on Justin Trudeau purchasing Broadway tickets for intentional tyrants in a move to win a UN Security Council seat. Cuba, China, Venezuela, Burma, and other murderous regimes were in attendance. MORE:…

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2 Comments on “Trudeau buys Broadway tickets for UN tyrants”

  1. wingate Says:

    Another muslim trojan horse – whats the problem with north americans ?

    Dont they care for the future of their children?
    Obviously not…..

    • IraB Says:

      they’re disabled, rendered incompetent, by a long procession of leftist-initiated maladies. Go back to the Frankfurt School, move on to the campus rabble of the 1960’s, THEY absorbed control of media and academia, leading to the snowflake/BLM convergence of this decade. It’s a mess. school house.

      On the slim possibility that there might be a critical mass of influential media and academic leaders who would task themselves with righting our sinking state, Preident Donald Trump should use the influence of his office to convene those leaders, explain to them how corrupted this country has become, and begin the long process of unwinding the rot from the media and the school house.

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