Watch: President Trump Gives a Joint Statement with President Abbas

 Source: Watch: President Trump Gives a Joint Statement with President AbbasThe Jewish Press | Jewish Press News Briefs | 8 Iyyar 5777 – May 3, 2017 |
Photo Credit: The White House

The joint statement in the video starts at 31:54

The full transcript can be read at the link.

President Trump wants to launch a new peace process… and that always leads to more terror attack against Israel.

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One Comment on “Watch: President Trump Gives a Joint Statement with President Abbas”

  1. wingate Says:

    I highly respect President Trump – hoping he will be able to repair the damage done by the BHO gang…

    The way Mr Trump is handling relations with Israel and her many ememies like Iran, the socalled”PLO” etc. etc. who all want to wipe out the jewish nation – this is crucial for the USA : Why? Because the one and only God had said : “He who curses Israel – I will curse him !”

    I hope for Mr Trump / the USA that he keeps this in mind. Why? Mr Trump has inherited a nation in critical state – the USA cannot afford
    being cursed by God….

    Mr Trump / Mr President :
    Talking to Abbas (alias Abu Mazen ) is talking to a brother in mind of Hitler!
    He is a mass killer of jewish children, women, man (eg. Munich massacre of jewish athlets..).
    There is no socalled ” palestinian people / nor was there ever a socalled “palestinian state”.
    These demonic lies were introduced by arch-terrorist arafat. His goal ? Like Hitler he wanted to wipe out Israel.
    Arafat, Abbas etc are lying : they dont want peace – they want to finish the work of their idol Hitler !
    If you love the USA and want to make her great again – put the mass killer Abbas in jail – dont treat him as a respected person !
    If you fail to treat Israel and her enemies as God ecpects you – the USA will finally fail !

    I guess this is the last chance for the USA.

    May God give you the courage to do the right thing – then HE will bless you and your nation – but only then !

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