Cadence Column: Asia, April 17, 2017

Cadence Column: Asia, April 17, 2017,  Pacific Daily Times via China Daily Mail, April 17, 2017

(Excessive optimism? — DM)


If the Chinese and Russians wanted to send a message to Washington, they’d send attack vessels like Putin sent late to Syria—at least, he pretended to send a message.


It’s over. North Korea has been defrocked from among Communist nations. Russia and China aren’t trying to send any kind of message to the US by sending intel-gathering vessels to monitor the Vinson. Spectating usually indicates some kind of support. The “Ruskies” and “Chi-Coms”, as some affectionately call them, kicking back with coke and popcorn in hand isn’t exactly opposition. They are trying to send a message to Communists worldwide, including their own people: Act unruly and you’ll end up like North Korea.

The US can’t do an operation in their back yards without the neighbors keeping a close watch—and Northern Korea is in both Russian and Chinese back yards. If the Chinese and Russians wanted to send a message to Washington, they’d send attack vessels like Putin sent late to Syria—at least, he pretended to send a message.

Countries must appear strong. There is a lot of chest puffing and thumping, even with the soon-to-be-deposed occupation of Northern Korea. The Russians and Chinese will be glad to have the dictator child off of their table of concerns. And, in the process, they want their own people to know whose still boss.

So, it’s over. Soon, we’ll find out just how many Northern Koreans cried for the death of their late “Dear Leader” because they missed him or because they feared what the child dictator would do them if they didn’t. Korea is about to become one country, finally. Kim Jong-Un decided that over the weekend when he threw the temper tantrum that broke every camel’s back in the caravan. Now, the caravan is coming for him.

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2 Comments on “Cadence Column: Asia, April 17, 2017”

  1. Irab Says:

    I can’t see it, bur I’m willing to fantasize. Sometimes pigs fly….kinda, sorta!

  2. IraB Says:

    Purely speculative on my part:

    maybe de-fanging NK is entirely doable. Well marked strategic targets, hit with the mother of all air blitzes would probably go a long way to getting the job done. no follow up ground invasion should be necessary.

    destroy the NK artillery near the DMZ….take out the nuke sites with MOABs. attack the best NK Army units….How long? Two weeks of round the cliock bombing? They might be so crippled, immediately, that they wouldn’t be able to lob a single shell or missile into Seoul.

    What’s more…Trump is (I believe) a strategic thinker…..if he crushes NK really fast….that would send notice to Iran that we are capable and willing to go to the mat, in order to reshape the geostrategic playing field that Obama tilted, so grotesquely, to the disadvantage of Western civilization.

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