Restore the U.S.-Egyptian Strategic Alliance, Designate the Muslim Brothers as Terrorists

Restore the U.S.-Egyptian Strategic Alliance, Designate the Muslim Brothers as Terrorists, Center for Security Policy

(Please see also, Leftist Media Narrative Surfaces in Advance of al-Sisi’s White House Visit…  It’s a very long, and excellent, article on President al-Sisi’s impact on Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood and efforts to reform Islam.– DM)

Donald Trump will do something today that his predecessor refused to do. He will meet with the elected leader of Egypt, Abdel Fatteh el-Sisi.

President Obama made no secret of his enmity for his Egyptian counterpart. After all, as his country’s senior military officer in 2013, then-General el-Sisi fulfilled the demands of many millions of Egyptians by ending the misrule of the Muslim Brotherhood government – a regime Mr. Obama helped bring to power.

The Brothers were banished in part because they sought to impose their totalitarian Sharia code on Egypt, a goal they seek world-wide. President Obama embraced the Muslim Brothers. Donald Trump came to office rejecting their agenda and the “radical Islamic terrorism” it spawns.

President Trump can prove the vital U.S.-Egyptian alliance is restored by joining President el-Sisi in designating the Muslim Brotherhood what it is: a terrorist organization.

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