Canadian Imam contradicts Trudeau: “Islam will never become a part of liberal secularism”

Canadian Imam contradicts Trudeau: “Islam will never become a part of liberal secularism,” CIJ News, March 25, 2017

Mazin Abdul-Adhim. Photo: screenshot YouTube Mazin Abdul-Adhim

Another senior Muslim Canadian leader disagrees with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau over the question whether Islam is compatible with secular values.

In two separate interviews with CBC, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau maintained that Islam is compatible with Western open and secular democracy like Canada:

(November 24, 2015): “Canadians are quick to point out that ISIS is wrong, that Islam is not incompatible with the Western secular democracy, a free place like Canada.”

(January 31, 2016): “But on the other hand, we need to make sure that we’re working with communities like the Muslim community for example to demonstrate that Islam is not incompatible with free and open Western societies.”

Trudeau said that “the Reviving the Islamic Spirit [RIS] convention [in Toronto]… is also about celebrating our shared beliefs in justice, fairness, equality of opportunity and acceptance” and that the values of the month of Ramadan are the “principles upon which Canada is founded” and the “tenets of our Charter of Rights and Freedoms.”

Unlike Trudeau, Mazin AbdulAdhim, a prominent Imam of Iraqi descent in London, Ontario who is affiliated with the radical Islamic global movement of Hizb ut-Tahrir, explains that “Islam cannot and will not ever become a part of liberal secularism.”

According to Mazin AbdulAdhim, nowadays there is a war between two ideologies, secularism and Islam, which will end up with the victory of Islam and the establishment of the Islamic State (Caliphate) which will regain control over the Muslim lands world-wide.

The following are excerpts from Mazin AbdulAdhim’s Facebook post on March 24, 2017:

The Jews and Christians are united with the atheists upon the liberal secular way of life today, and they demand that everyone join them in this way of life of theirs. Islam cannot and will not ever become a part of liberal secularism, no matter what ups and downs Muslims go through, and this has caused the Jews and Christians and atheists to take extreme manipulative measures to force Muslims to comply with their demands. This media pressure is simply a tool being used to force all Muslims to condemn the political and military laws of Islam in general by associating any crimes committed by Muslims with Islam itself (regardless of whether Islam obviously forbids it), to pressure them to submit to the liberal secular system that dominates the globe today and abandon the call for political Islam. Anyone demanding the implementation of the political and military laws of Islam will then be associated with those Muslims who committed those violent crimes, and will be treated as criminals by association… No matter what the manipulative secular elite do, they will fail at this manipulative scheme, and Islam will rise once again in the Muslim lands, and the Ummah [Muslims nation] will unite under a single sincere Islamic leadership; and the Muslim lands – including Africa, the Middle East, the subcontinent, parts of Europe, Central Asia, and parts of Eastern Asia – will be fully restored under complete Muslim control, and there is nothing the lying, fear-mongering scum of the Capitalist elite can do about it.

The following are excerpts from Mazin AbdulAdhim’s Facebook post on March 17, 2017:

It is important to understand that the West is undoubtedly heading towards banning political Islam…We need to understand that this is a struggle between two ideologies, not between countries or leaders or religions. It is a (mostly) silent war between secularism and Islam. Muslims win the moment they establish a true Khilafah [Islamic State or Caliphate], as that will be the end of the Sykes-Picot borders and puppet government control they have had over the Muslim lands for almost 100 years. And as Muslims inch closer to breaking free from the political control of the colonial West, we should expect to see them become more vicious against political Islam, and more friendly towards Muslims who accept secularism and defend it (called “moderates”)…

ICNA Canada’s online publication: “Islam is totally incompatible with western democracy”

The Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) Canada is an Islamic national-wide organization strivingto build an Exemplary Canadian Muslim Community” by “total submission to Him [Allah] and through the propagation of true and universal message of Islam.”

Dr. Iqbal Massod Al-Nadvi, the Amir (President) of ICNA Canada, also serves as the Chairperson of Canadian Council of Imams (Canada’s top Imam).

On its official website ICNA Canada shares with its members, followers and supporters the book “Riyad us Saliheen” (“The Gardens of the Righteous” رياض الصالحين) compiled by Imam Zakaruya Yahya Bin Sharaf An-Nawawi, a Sunni Shafi’ite jurist and hadith scholar who lived in 13th century.

The Gardens of the Righteous (Arabic: Riyadh as-Salihin), is a compilation of verses from the Qur’an and hadith by Al-Nawawi. It contains a total of 1905 hadith divided across 372 chapters, many of which are introduced by verses of the Quran.

The book “Riyad us Saliheen” (“The Gardens of the Righteous”) which appears on ICNA Canada site cntains modern commentary to the verses from the Qur’an and hadith.

The following are excerpts from the book which deal with the question whether Islam in compatible with the values of Western democracy.

[Hadith]: 673. Abu Bakrah (May Allah be pleased with him) reported: I heard Messenger of Allah (PBUH) saying, “He who insults the rulers Allah will insult him.”


Commentary: To affront and degrade the ruler means to disobey him and to by-pass his orders. This impairs his power, honour and dignity. Believers have been told to obey and support rulers for the sake of national interest and welfare, understanding that they desist from committing an overt disbelief and maintain congregation Salat and other duties of religion. The political system of Islam is totally incompatible with western democracy. The concept of government party and the opposition is alien to Islam. All belong to one Ummah with only one goal and pursue the same aims and objects of Islamic guidelines!

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