Just in from our top contributor and administrator Dan Miller !

I look forward to Clarion’s response to the Spencer hit piece. Thank you for the heads-up.
I had sent a similar request to AIFD and hope for a response from Dr. Jasser as well. As noted in my request to AIFD, I am an editor of Warsclerotic, an aggregation blog published in Israel and started by Joseph Wouk (the son of Herman Wouk, author of Caine Mutiny, Don’t Stop the Carnival, etc). I stated that I would like to publish Dr. Jasser’s response.
After I had sent my e-mails, another editor at Warsclerotic (there are three of us), who goes by the nom de plume “Joop,” posted an ad hominem hit piece by Pamela Geller to the same effect as Robert Spencer’s.  Here’s a link:
Following the article, “Joop” also linked and commented favorably on Spencer’s article.
When I saw the article and comment at Warsclerotic, I seriously considered resigning as an editor because I was embarrassed to be associated with a site that publishes such trash; I am not aware of any previous such incident at Warsclerotic
I am sending blind copies of this e-mail to the other editors, in the hope that the Geller article will be taken down.  I have posted many of Dr. Jasser’s YouTube videos and interviews; “Joop” has commented on each to the effect that “a mooslime is a mooslime is a mooslime” —  i.e., the are all the same and reformers are either lying or are not “real” Muslims. Before giving further thought to resigning, however, I would like to publish your response to the Spencer and perhaps the Geller article and, should AIFD provide one, it as well.
Thank you and Clarion for your excellent work supporting the Muslim Reform Movement. President Trump is in a position to replace CAIR and other Islamist groups in the “countering violent extremism” program with AIFD and perhaps Clarion project. I very much hope that he does.
Dan Miller
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9 Comments on “Just in from our top contributor and administrator Dan Miller !”

  1. joopklepzeiker Says:

    aan Joseph, Dan
    Why not making a topic out of it DAN ?
    Would i do it for you ?
    I have ask you to invite dr Jasser , but he is a NO SHOW .

    I like to play this open and clear !
    i will wait for 1 day for an answer from JW or from you or I WILL make this public .

    08:05 (4 minuten geleden)

    aan Dan, Joseph
    You know Dan , i have changed my mind !

    I like it that our readers know you way of thinking !

    So i make it public NOW .

    I think we need to have this confrontation sorted out open loud and clear .

    Check the side it will be posted in a couple of minutes !

  2. joopklepzeiker Says:

    Is this now a prime example of a moderate silencing the other voice , a moderate jihad ?
    You could make a case of colluding with dr Jasser ( Or the Clarion project ) who by the way i Invited trough Dan to come over here and explain his case , a no show till now .
    As it seems he has established contact,s .

    My position about moderates and dr Jasser is clearly enough,easy to deduct from my comments , and postings .

  3. joopklepzeiker Says:

    I find this so interesting that i posted this commend on the following site,s

    My comment :

    I,am an administrator at https://warsclerotic.com/

    And i run into a college moderator who is not so pleased that i re posted this topic from PG and a topic from RS .
    He is in favor the clarion project .

    Perhaps are PG and/or RS willing to spend some words and time on it .


    Please can somebody bring this under attention of PG and / or RS

    posted here :

    And send her the same by E-mail .

    and here :

    And send RS the same by E-mail .

  4. joopklepzeiker Says:

    Dan Miller

    10:15 (58 minuten geleden)


    Peter and I seem to be having a fight over the Muslim Reform Movement.



    10:47 (27 minuten geleden)

    aan Dan, Joseph
    No fight from my side , but you can not shut me down, the only one who can do that is JW .

    Why not “fighting ” this out in the open ?

    Your reaction >

    Dan Miller

    10:48 (27 minuten geleden)

    aan mij, Joseph
    Bericht vertalen
    Uitschakelen voor: Engels
    I haven’t threatened to shut you down. I have threatened to shut myself down.

    My reaction >

    aan Dan, Joseph
    Read your E-mail again Dan, do not to try to piss on my head .

    YOU have threatened to shut your self down IF my posting was not removed , you even tried to find support by other administrators.

    Quote from you E-mail :

    When I saw the article and comment at Warsclerotic, I seriously considered resigning as an editor because I was embarrassed to be associated with a site that publishes such trash; I am not aware of any previous such incident at Warsclerotic.

    I am sending blind copies of this e-mail to the other editors, in the hope that the Geller article will be taken down.

    Lets play this out in the open, I will post all your E-mails about this matter as comment on this topic .

    I do NOT like dishonesty .

    • Tyrannovar Says:

      Just my two cents… Guys… wait… hold up…. Peace.
      We’re all on the same side here, that doesn’t mean we all agree on everything… AT ALL !

      BUT… this is the best blog there is on this particular topic. I don’t comment much any more, but I read this blog every day, and it’s one of the first ones I check every day. I don’t want to see disagreements impair the blog.

      I value the opinion and contributions of both DM and Joop.

      As far as the possibility of reform in Islam, I’ve told DM what I think of that idea. It’s not just unlikely, it’s not even possible. Yes, that’s right, I agree with Joop on that one. In fact, I probably go even further than Joop. Islam has no redeeming value, what so ever. Islam must be eradicated from the face of the Earth. The death toll from Islam is over 250 million already, and counting. And waiting for Islam to get around to reforming itself? People who advocate that make themselves complicit in the millions of more deaths that will occur before Islam can be reformed, which it can’t, so advocating the idea that Islam can be reformed is to advocate for endless more millions of innocent victims of Islam. This is not acceptable. Islam is an existential threat and must be eradicated ASAP. To understand and be convinced of this one only needs to read the Koran. It’s nothing but a murder manual. And Allah is not the God of the New Testament. Allah is not God at all. Allah is Satan. And again, all one needs to do to be convinced of that is to read the Koran.

      But that said, I can still disagree with DM and still value his contributions to this blog for everything else he does. And seeing opinions I disagree with gives me an opportunity to think up new ways to answer faulty opinions like “Islam can be reformed”, good practice you might say.

      So, anyway, I hope we can agree to disagree on the proposition “Islam can be reformed” and still keep up the good work everyone is doing on Warsclerotic.

      • josephwouk Says:

        Tyrannovar – God’s speed….

      • joopklepzeiker Says:

        Tyrannovar and readers

        I do not care at all about the difference of opinion about this subject between Dan and me , that is for me NO POINT AT ALL .

        My point is that he tried and still is trying to get my topic he does not like to get removed by JW .

        And that is A BIG NO FOR ME and worth to be fought out IN THE OPEN .

        For this i was requested by JW to make my excuses to Dan.

        I told them LOUD and clear that that will NOT happen in my lifetime !

        I do not bend over for people or tactic,s who are trying to shut me down .

        So i told JW that he has to say the word and i,am gone without hart feeling to JW ,but no excuses NEVER

        I despise this typical left wing/moslime tactics to shut somebody up if you do not agree whit them .

        • Tyrannovar Says:

          My previous comment was meant to be at the top level, and it was meant to be directed to the blog in general, and it was meant to be about the article and about the controversy. I accidentally posted it as if it was directed to you (Joop) in particular. My bad…

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