Fire Me: U.S. Attorney In Manhattan Refuses To Resign

Fire Me: U.S. Attorney In Manhattan Refuses To Resign, Jonathan Turley’s Blog, Jonathan Turley, March 11, 2017

(Update: According to the Washington Post, Mr. Bharara just claimed on Twitter that he has been fired. — DM)

The United States Attorney for Manhattan, Preet Bharara, appears to believe that he is working for a different branch of government.  After Attorney General Jeff Sessions asked for the resignations of all U.S. Attorneys, a standard change of political appointees in a new Administration, Bharara announced that President Donald Trump would have to fire him.  Just as with the bizarre conduct of Sally Yates as Acting Attorney General, Bharara has shown a curious understanding of this position and his obligations as a federal officer.  President Trump should immediately accommodate him and Bharara will have to explain to future employers how he justifies such an unfounded stance.

New Administrations (particularly with a change of party) often demand such resignations — though many political appointees do not wait to be asked.  Of the 93 U.S. attorneys, 46 were appointed by President Obama.  There are career deputies who take over during the interim in these offices.

Bharara reportedly felt blindsided by the move and earlier spoke to Trump at Trump Tower.  He said that Trump directed Bharara to go out to the cameras and tell them, “I asked you to stay.”  Ok, even that is true, what professional standard is Bharara relying on for this obstructive position?  Bharara has no claim to this political position or right to demand to remain in the position.    Bharara indicated that Sen. Chuch Schumer wanted him to continue and the President agreed.  Again, that does not change the fact that he serves at the pleasure of the president.

The demand to be fired is astonishingly unprofessional and frankly juvenile for a high-ranking prosecutor.  Bharara has assembled an impressive record as U.S. Attorney and he is tarnishing both that record and his office with this position. He should be fired without delay and I would hope that this position would weigh heavily in any future consideration for public office or appointment.

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