Leading German Philosopher: ‘If you Oppose mass Immigration You’re Extremely Backwards’

Leading German Philosopher: ‘If you Oppose mass Immigration You’re Extremely Backwards’ Gatestone EU, Willem Cornax, February 6, 2017

Markus Gabriel is a German philosopher, recently dubbed the “young god of philosophy“. He starts his interview with the Dutch website Brainwash.nl by saying:

 “The problem of the refugee crisis is not the refugees. It’s us. (…) The idea of a million Muslims coming to Europe sounds terrible for someone with the mindframe from the 16th century.”

The mass influx of refugees should not be questioned because it “is based on Enlightenment.” Government documented refugees are not a threat to someone with a 21st Century mind frame. Why? Let Gabriel tell you:

“…this shouldn’t be threatening for a very simple reason. These people have rights. These rights are laid down in various constitutions (treaties) and if you deny these people the rights that they have you are thereby undermining European values.”

As for Merkel inviting refugees to come in:

“It is not that Angela Merkel is so nice and moral and lets all the refugees in to help poor people because the Germans were evil in the past and now we should be nicer. (…) She is just doing her job.”

That is the Nuremberg Defense. Nazi officials used it at the Nuremberg trials to deflect (personal) moral responsibility for committed atrocities.

Surely there are better arguments to comfort victims of terrorism, rape, sexual assault, abuse, murder, harassment, theft, burglary by people documented as refugees. Luckily, Gabriel himself provides an argument to soften the pain:

“The fear of the other is the fear of ourselves. The fear that we Europeans do not trust our European values. Our European values are universal and that is the biggest achievement of modernity, Universalism. And that Universalism is threatened, or so we think. But the threat to universalism comes from within. It doesn’t come from the outside.”

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2 Comments on “Leading German Philosopher: ‘If you Oppose mass Immigration You’re Extremely Backwards’”

  1. IraB Says:

    If it sounds Orwellian, like claptrap, and like double talk, it IS Orwellian, double talk claptrap! This, “great thinker/philosopher”, should be demoted to picking cigarette butts up from a remote beach.

  2. Michael Banyai Says:

    He is a lunatic. Even as a philosopher – everything he has to say is a claptrap without any sense. One should read a recension of his first book.

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