Netherlands: Video emerges of grade school kids praying…at MOSQUE

Netherlands: Video emerges of grade school kids praying…at MOSQUE, Creeping Sharia, January 1, 2016


An update on this October post: Holland: School children taken to mosque, forced to pray to allah.

Source: Parents OUTRAGED as clip emerges of pupils learning to PRAY at mosque | World | News | Daily Express

ANGRY parents have demanded a change in the curriculum after a video emerged showing primary school pupils in the Netherlands learning how to pray in a mosque.

According to local media, the place of worship is said to be the Ghulzar e Madina mosque in Zwolle, which is believed to have been previously visited by radical preachers from Pakistan.Among them was M Anas Noorani Siddiqui, who promoted the death penalty for those who insult the Prophet Muhammad and once said the ”non-Islamic Dutch behave like dogs and b******.”In the footage, the Imam of the mosque is seen explaining to youngsters how Muslims pray, with the boys and girls separated to either side of the room.The children, most of whom are thought to be Christians, are instructed to put their “elbows on the ground” and “put your hands close to your ears”.

While the video of the visit by the school is thought to be at least a year old, it resurfaced after a Dutch MP spotted it and called for schools not to participate in “so-called politically correct activities”.Harm Beertema, 64, an MP for Geert Wilders’ far-right Party for Freedom, also made a public call for parents to boycott mosque visits.Mr Beertema, a former teacher, said: “Refuse to allow your child to participate in such ‘away-with-our-culture’ excursions. You are deciding, not the school.”The clip has since caused a stir on social media, with hundreds of users reacting to it and sharing their own stories of “politically correct school curriculums”.

One parent said: “I recently found out my son was forced to sing ‘welcome, welcome refugee’ instead of Christmas songs.”A teacher said that his school was visited by education inspectors who raised a flag and reported “Year 4 classes have not visited a mosque yet”.The Dutch curriculum currently stipulates that children have to “learn the main points about the religions which play a big role in the multicultural Dutch society”.The video of the mosque visit comes after outraged parents slammed officials in July after discovering in a video that a class of primary school children at a Catholic school in the town of Dongen visited a mosque in Rotterdam as part of their school curriculum.

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2 Comments on “Netherlands: Video emerges of grade school kids praying…at MOSQUE”

  1. joopklepzeiker Says:

    Freaking insane .

    And of course it is ” far right” if you do not want that your kids got infected by this barbaric primitive cult .

  2. David Says:

    and I thought it was only the Southern countries of Europe, like Italy or Spain, that had achieved this level of stupidity…
    Until our politicians do not understand what we, normal people, found out long time ago, that Europe needs to save itself from this negative, destroying and pernicious invasion, nothing positive will happen re this absolute nonsense.
    Nothing!! Neither the US, neither Russia will come and save us.

    It´s really outlandish and pathetic to watch this video.
    We are running out of time… fast.

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