LIVE: Netanyahu to deliver telvised statement

LIVE: Netanyahu to deliver televised statement via YouTube, December 28, 2019

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4 Comments on “LIVE: Netanyahu to deliver telvised statement”

  1. orde Says:

    The video has been removed…..Can you post it again somehow ?

    • I don’t know why it was removed, but here it is again.

    • wingate Says:

      This speech of PM Netanyahu is a speech of a true statesman, a true leader who has taken up the responsibility to seek the best of his nation ! My greatest respect to him – my gratitude to the God of Israel who has put in place a leader like him in these difficult times.

      Concerning the present US government :
      I agree with those who say that this president and his administration hate & fight the USA first, then Israel, the Christians, the Jews – you just look what they are doing !
      Mr Kerry is just the miserable mouthpiece of his master, the man in the WH ! Thats where all the blame has to be placed !

      Rightfully someone said that this US government is at war with the US society ! Maybe this US government will achieve its goal and finally destroy the USA as we know it before the president elect takes office !
      One possible way the USA might be destroyed is that the God of Israel – who promised to curse everyone who curses Israel – that HE steps back and gives way to disaster to strike the USA for all the harm that this present president has done to Gods chosen people, Israel !

      Why was this evil and arrogant person allowed to remain in the WH for 8 yrs, destroying the USA piece by piece without someone stopping him – WHY ? The price for not stopping him may cost the US citizens their freedom, their land, even their lives…..

      May God have mercy with the USA and give her another chance
      to undo the terrible things done by the man in the WH !
      The free world needs a free, democratic USA – if the USA falls – the rest of the free world will fall ( which is the reason why the USA is the main target of the enemies of freedom, democracy, christianity, judaism )

      May God have mercy with the free world and give her another chance to bless the Nation of Israel !

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