The ‘occupied’ Western Wall

The ‘occupied’ Western Wall, Israel Hayom, Nadav Shragai, December 27, 2016

At the beginning of the last century, Jews had to collect the dung from the donkeys and horses that the Arabs intentionally left at the “occupied territory” of the Western Wall, among the Jews huddled against its stones. The Mughrabi Arabs who immigrated here from North Africa placed their homes and their toilets next to “the occupied territory of the Western Wall,” and sullied it with human feces and sewage more than once. In return for their willingness to correct their bad manners, the Jews had to bribe the heads of the Mughrabi quarter with large sums of money, and even then, it did not always help.

For the sake of the struggle for the Western Wall, the Palestinians enlisted Buraq, the Prophet Muhammad’s miraculous beast, over 100 years ago, as well as the tradition of the place where Muhammad tied him at the end of his nocturnal journey from Mecca to Jerusalem — which was transferred from the eastern and southern walls to the Western Wall. Even the grand mufti, the hateful Haj Amin al-Husseini, one-time Hitler ally, “adopted” the Western Wall. Inspired and orchestrated by Husseini, the Palestinians waged a war over the Western Wall, which led to the murder of Jews in the 1929 Palestine riots and the establishment of a British commission of inquiry, which, just as now, distorted the facts and determined that the Muslim Waqf had ownership of the Western Wall.

The holiness of the Western Wall to Muslims did not prevent them from building homes, staircases and sewage pipes adjacent to the wall for generations. For the duration of the 19 years of their rule as conquerors of Jerusalem, the Jordanians prevented Jews from visiting the Western Wall — in contrast to their signed commitment. They also shattered and desecrated 38,000 of the graves in the ancient Jewish cemetery on the Mount of Olives — now “Israeli-occupied” territory; they leveled the “occupied territory” of the Jewish Quarter and destroyed dozens of “occupied” synagogues. They expelled the thousands of refugees who settled in the quarter’s ruins and kept it as the Shuafat refugee camp, another “occupied territory,” with the rights to its establishment in their name.

In our generation, the official Palestinian television station promises its viewers that “Arab homes” will soon be built on “the occupied territory” of the Western Wall Plaza (formerly the Mughrabi neighborhood) and makes it clear that the sinful Jews are “defiling the Western Wall.” The Muslim Waqf and the Palestinians have for years — listen closely — prevented Israel from clearing garbage and debris from the “Little Western Wall,” which is a continuation of the Western Wall. Oh, the absolute shame of it — this garbage has become part of the status quo of the place.

Here, then, is a golden opportunity to take the necessary step — the first of many — that will put us on a sane path of action. Later on, the time will come to throw the U.N. Security Council’s shameful resolution into the garbage and to go back to building in Jerusalem and its suburbs. This is what we did for years. We owe it first and foremost to ourselves.

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