U.S. Abstains In UN Vote On Israeli Settlements

U.S. Abstains In UN Vote On Israeli Settlements, Fox News via YouTube, December 23, 2016

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2 Comments on “U.S. Abstains In UN Vote On Israeli Settlements”

  1. wingate Says:

    Woe, woe to those who made this possible ! Woe to the present, illegal, muslim president of the USA and his gang ! Woe to those who illegally smuggled him into the WH ! Woe to the nation which allowed this evil person to stay in the WH for 8 yrs……Fasten your seat belts….

  2. wingate Says:

    Friends in the USA – the present, illegal US government just sticked its dirty finger right in the eye of the one and only living God – again….

    Thats first off all very, very bad news for the USA !

    Your nation has put herself full steam into the crosshairs of the living God – the God who says : ”He who curses Israel – I will curse him !”

    Buckle up friends – your illegal government has just invited the living God to curse your nation !

    Why on earth did you allow this evil person and his gang to stay in the WH for 8 yrs, destroying your once great nation day by day – why ?

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