Being a liberal means Never Having to say you’re Sorry

Being a liberal means Never Having to say you’re Sorry, Power Line, Steven Hayward, December 17, 2016

At the heart of liberal utopianism is the concept that through political exertion you can have a perfect society without tragic outcomes of any kind. This is one reason why liberalism rebels against human nature. (In fact, I think we should routinely refer to liberals as “human nature deniers.” Sauce for the goose and all that.)

It is this ineluctable characteristic that explains why liberals are having trouble making it through the five stages of grief over Hillary’s election face plant. Acceptance? No way.

Hence the bevy of Hollywood heroes who are now imploring members of the electoral college to vote for someone other that Trump is terrific ironic comedy gold. Give them props for saying to Republican electors—we’re not even asking that you vote for Hillary! Just some other qualified Republican. So here’s a fun idea: knowing that the House of Representatives would choose Trump in the case of an electoral college deadlock, how about a bunch of Republican electors say, “Fine: How about Ted Cruz?” And then sit back and watch the Hollywoods liberals choke.

Anyway, enjoy this silliness:

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One Comment on “Being a liberal means Never Having to say you’re Sorry”

  1. Mike Says:

    I think a Republican Actor should cut a spot asking Hillary Electors to vote for Trump, or Bernie or Che… it would be fun to watch the outrage.

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