On Ellison, Pass the Popcorn

On Ellison, Pass the Popcorn, Power Line, Scott Johnson, December 6, 2016

Alan Dershowitz thinks that Keith Ellison is just the man to lead the Democratic Party — if you want to bury the Democrats. On that point, he agrees with many Power Line readers on Ellison’s candidacy to to chair the DNC. In the video below, Professor Dershowitz expounds on what he sees as Ellison’s — what’s the word? — “weaknesses” as a prospective party leader. Professor Dershowitz argued his case against Ellison in a brief segment with Trish Regan on Fox Business Network yesterday (about five minutes).

Unlike me, Professor Dershowitz has the best interests of the Democratic Party at heart. Nevertheless, in Professor Dershowitz’s unvarnished opposition to Ellison, the video presents us with a pass-the-popcorn moment. We can all get along here beautifully on the merits.

Quotable quote: “[I]f you gave me a list of a thousand people, I’d put Ellison 1,001. He is the worst possible person at this point in the history of the Democratic Party to pick.”

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