From Amsterdam to Cairo, Islamists Seek Domination

From Amsterdam to Cairo, Islamists Seek Domination, Clarion Project, Meira, November 27, 2016

egypt-coptic-christians-attacked-mohamed-el-shahed-afp-getty-images-640Coptic Christian attacked and set afire on the streetsof Cairo in 2013 (Photo: © Mohamed El Shahed/AFP/Getty Images)

History has shown that appeasement in the face of endless aggression only emboldens those whose quest is for total domination.


An Islamist mob attacked property owned by Coptic Christians in a village south of Cairo after rumors that a church was being opened spread through the area, reported the news outlet

The guest house of a Coptic Christian doctor was burned, the façade of 10 Coptic-owned houses were damaged and a house and shop were looted.

The village of al-Naghameesh is home to 2,000 Coptic Christians, with the closest church located eight kilometers away in the town of al-Kosheh. Despite the fact that the Egyptian legislature passed a new law last August codifying the rights of Christians to build and renovate churches, the Christian community in Nagameesh has not received permission to build a church.

The community has been using their community center, which houses a pre-school and a home for the elderly, for prayer services.

Earlier in the week the village’s priest had asked the bishop from Kosheh to preside over a memorial mass for the priest’s father. While in the village, the bishop visited the village’s mayor and gave him a copy of the Quran.

Local Islamist suspected that the bishop had come to the village to open a church and waged the attack after prayers on Friday. While the attack was underway, the mob blocked the road so that fire trucks could not reach the burning building and cut of all water and power supplies to the village.

Police were called and eventually were able to disperse the crowd. Twenty arrests were made.

Although unfortunately a common occurrence, Islamist attacks on non-Muslim places of worship are not limited to the Middle East.

A plot to attack a synagogue in Amsterdam was recently uncovered and foiled by Dutch authorities, reported the Dutch daily De Telegraaf.

The Dutch Criminal Intelligence Agency described the planned attack by an Islamist terror cell as a “James Bond-like plan” and identified individuals connected with the Arrayan mosque in northern Amsterdam as suspects.

Attacks such as these against minority places of worship have become a trademark of Islamists worldwide. Until all governments unite against these supremacist movements, identifying and naming them for what they are, they will continue with impunity.

History has shown that appeasement in the face of endless aggression only emboldens those whose quest is for total domination.

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