Pantsuit Nation Dons Hijabs to Support Jihadi’s Mosque

Pantsuit Nation Dons Hijabs to Support Jihadi’s Mosque, Daniel Greenfield, Front Page Magazine, November 20, 2016


Pantsuit Nation was supposed to carry Hillary Clinton to victory. But its cause proved as limp as its pantsuits and now it is bereft and seeking something to do. So a bunch of its members donned hijabs and went out to show their love for a rather notorious mosque.

After a presidential election that divided the country and often stoked tensions against minorities, a group of roughly 40 mostly women and children shared a different message Friday.

“We love our Muslim neighbors,” the signs read.

The visitors – members of the pro-Hillary Clinton group Pantsuit Nation – toured the Islamic Society of Greater Charlotte on The Plaza and greeted worshipers with smiles and signs of support before an afternoon service.

The goal: “To show we love them,” said Kristi Tolman, 40, who stopped by the Islamic center during her lunch hour. “They have to be scared because of all the hateful rhetoric.”

Aww. The poor dears.

But speaking of hateful rhetoric…

At the Islamic Society of Greater Charlotte, few of the several hundred Muslims gathered for Friday Prayer wanted to talk about Mr. Khan.

“This is a very dangerous road when you go and kill someone like this,” said Ayeb Suleiman, 25, a medical resident. “He was just an editor. He was just writing.”

Who was Samir Khan? He was a leading Al Qaeda figure killed in a drone strike who delivered a sermon at the Islamic Society of Greater Charlotte saying that Muslims who weren’t engaged in Jihad were cowards.

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