Obama Vouches for Ma Clinton

Obama Vouches for Ma Clinton, Power LineScott Johnson, November 4, 2016

Barack Obama has emerged as a forceful advocate of Hillary Clinton in the course of the presidential campaign. He is more popular than she is, but they have a lot in common. They both have an equally low opinion of the intelligence of the American voters and they have a lot of evidence to support their opinion. They also share an equally distant relationship with the truth.

Obama’s signature domestic program was built on a torrent of demonstrable lies. Clinton has defended her criminally inappropriate use of a private email server to conduct official State Department business on proposition that have proven false in the fullness of time. They are both unregenerate liars.

Now Obama has stepped forward as a character witness for Hillary Clinton. Despite what you may have concluded on the basis of your own observations, Obama vouches for Clinton as an upstanding public official. In my view, this is akin to John Dillinger serving as a character witness for Creepy Karpis or, perhaps more aptly, Ma Barker. It’s almost funny.

The Media Research Center finds an interesting example of Obama testifying on behalf of Hillary at an Ohio campaign event this past Tuesday (video below). Even speaking briefly, as in this 40-second excerpt, Obama is obnoxious and grating. We are invited by MRC to analyze this somewhat ambiguous assertion: “And when she was challenged, she doesn’t make things up on the spot. She doesn’t double down on lies — that obviously are lies because there’s video.”

(The video is at the link. — DM)

What is he saying? MRC’s Craig Bannister subjects Obama’s assertion to a close reading that probably exceeds what is warranted, asking:

She’ll only tell an obvious lie once, but won’t “double down” on it if challenged?

She won’t keep repeating a lie – if “there’s video”?

She’ll take her time crafting a lie, not make one up “on the spot”?

Bannister concludes: “Regardless of whether Pres. Obama went off-teleprompter and made this up on the spot, or simply read the words of a speechwriter, any literal interpretation of Obama’s characterization of Hillary Clinton is disturbing, to say the least.”

It is indeed disturbing. We have entered the Twilight Zone of postmodern Democratic politics. I think Obama was lying about Clinton’s lying while revealing a little of his own wayward relationship with the truth in the process.

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