Will Alberta police investigate Mohammad’s ruling on gays as hate speech?

Will Alberta police investigate Mohammad’s ruling on gays as hate speech? CIJ NewsJonathan D. Halevi, October 20, 2016

pride-parade-in-toronto-photo-cijnewsPride Parade in Toronto. Photo: CIJnews

Global News reported that a second “an anti-Islam flyer” was found in mailboxes in Edmonton, Alberta. The police hate crimes unit has launched an investigation.

The flyer reads the following:


Thinks Islam

The Quran:

Kill the one that is doing it and also kill the one that it is being done to him. (in

reference to the active and passive partners in gay sexual intercourse)

Is this advocating peace, love and freedom in your eyes?




To see the flyer click HERE.

Alannah Davies, Edmonton resident who received the flyer in her mailbox and Jesse Lipscombe, founder of the racism initiative Make It Awkward, condemned the hate content of the flyer.

Faisal Khan Suri, president of the Alberta Muslim Public Affairs Council (AMPAC), called on police to investigate the flyer. The Alberta Muslim Public Affairs Council (AMPAC) sent the following statement to Global News:

AMPAC emphatically condemns the hate flyers being distributed in Edmonton for the second

time. The flyers are hate propaganda with fabricated assertions about Islam and Muslims.

Islam does not condone the killing of any innocent life.

We are urging the EPS to investigate these acts as hate crimes and brings those responsible to justice…

Islamophobia in not just a Muslim issue – it’s an Alberta issue and a Canadian issue.”

Does the flyer contains fabricated assertions about Islam”?

The authors of the flyer quoted hadith (narration) attributed to Mohammad, the prophet of Islam, explaining the Islamic ruling in case of homosexuality.

The same hadith and interpretation appears on the Islamic website Mission Islam:

“Kill the one that is doing it and also kill the one that it is being done to.” (in reference to the active and passive partners in gay sexual intercourse).”

The team behind Mission Islam website present themselves as “concerned Muslims” who strive to “promote accurate representation of Islam… to increase awareness as to the extent of oppression against Muslims… [and] to remind Muslims of their responsibility to participate and support their brothers and sisters in Islam.”

The hadith in question also included in an Islamic ruling published by the Islamic website “Islam Question and Answer” which is recommended by Islamic organizations in Canada.

The following are excepts from the Islamic ruling on the punishment for homosexuality:

The crime of homosexuality is one of the greatest of crimes, the worst of sins and the most abhorrent of deeds, and Allaah punished those who did it in a way that He did not punish other nations…

al-Tirmidhi (1456), Abu Dawood (4462) and Ibn Maajah (2561) narrated that Ibn ‘Abbaas (may Allaah be pleased with him) said: The Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “Whoever you find doing the action of the people of Loot, execute the one who does it and the one to whom it is done.”. Classed as saheeh [reliable narration] by al-Albaani in Saheeh al-Tirmidhi…

The Sahaabah [Mohammad’s companions] were unanimously agreed on the execution of homosexuals, but they differed as to how they were to be executed.

Some of them were of the view that they should be burned with fire

and some of them thought that they should be thrown down from a high place then have stones thrown at them…

Some of them thought that they should be stoned to death

After the Sahaabah, the fuqaha’ [scholars] differed concerning the matter.

Some of them said that the homosexual should be executed no matter what his situation, whether he is married or not.

Some of them said that he should be punished in the same way as an adulterer, so he should be stoned if he is married and flogged if he is not married.

Some of them said that a severe punishment should be carried out on him, as the judge sees fit.”

The Islamic ruling on the punishment for homosexuality – The Canadian perspective

Imam Dr. Abdullah Hakim Quick (Toronto):

So he [journalist] said: what is the position of Islam on homosexuality? They ask me. So newspaper, right? So I said: put my name in the paper. The position is death. And we cannot change Islam…

If he is serious, and a person came to me, and he came in the office and and he said he was homosexual, cried. I said: what happened to you? And he said: my father abused me. Heis a Muslim. So I… said: brother, you know your are sick. He said: I’m sick.

So we sent him to a Muslim psychiatrist, so he can work through his problem, and then bring him back into the masjid (mosque).

So anything can can come now these days. Anything is going to come at us, but we cannot allow in the name of Islam gay masjid (mosque) to come. We cannot allow this, man. And they’re trying to do this…

[Question from the audience whether the “Jews” are behind homosexuality]

It [homosexuality] goes with Zionism. And really it seems like, Allah knows best (الله اعلم), if they are Dajjal’s (Antichrist دجال) army while it is mostly Jews (يهود) but probably there will be homosexuals with them too. Allah knows best (الله اعلم).

Syed Muhammad Rizvi (Toronto):

In the Islamic legal system, homosexuality is a punishable crime against the laws of God. In the case of homosexuality between two males, the active partner is to be lashed a hundred times if he is unmarried and killed if he is married; whereas the passive partner is to be killed regardless of his marital status.

In the case of two females (i.e., lesbianism), the sinners are to be lashed a hundred times if they are unmarried and stoned to death if they are married.

Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips (Toronto):

It becomes a problem. Delaying Marriage… That’s the consequence. Once we delay it brings in corruption. Worse than that, you end up with lesbianism, homosexuality gets born out of those circumstances.”

Imam Wael Shihab (Toronto):

Homosexuality is a sinful act in Islam. As for you question about how we should deal with homosexuals, I’d cite the following fatwa of Dr. Muzammil Siddiqi, president of the Fiqh Council of North America:

We should consider them people who get themselves engaged in a sinful act. We should deal with them in the same way we deal with any people who are involved in alcoholics, gambling or adultery.

We should have deep repugnance to their acts and we must remind and warn them. Those who insist on this lifestyle, consider it legitimate and feel ‘gay pride’, we should not associate with them and should not take them as friends. We should certainly avoid those people.

If we see a person who has committed this sin and wants to repent then we should help that person as much as we can to get out of this evil. We should not leave him/her to thetemptations of the Satan…”In Islam, changing one’s sex is not permissible if the person (male or female) has ‎complete male or female sex organs….

Moreover, I have consulted reliable medical sources, which confirm the following:

1. A person who undergoes sex-change operation will not be a complete man or woman. So, if a man changed his gender to a woman, she then will not be able to bear children or breastfeed them. The same also applies to a woman who changes her gender to a man; he will not be able to have children.

2. It is easy for a person, after having sex-change operation, to return back to his or her original sex.

Given the above, it’s my advice for him to return back to his original sex and go through professional counseling and treatment to lead normal happy life.”

Imam Syed B. Soharwardy (Calgary):

According to the teachings of Islam homosexual behaviour is an abnormal behaviour and must be cured. Homosexuality is completely forbidden in Islam and it is one of the KABA-IR (big) sins according to Islam.”

Imam Mustafa Khattab (Edmonton):

Homosexuality is not permissible. The reason the people of Lot peace be upon him were destroyed in Sodom and Gomorrah, because of this sin, so it is not permissible. Deal with someone, with a homosexual, in my view, as I said homosexuality is abnormal, this is not the norm.

So, for me, someone who is homosexual is like someone who has diabetes or someone who has cancer or AIDS, he has a special case and this person needs special treatment.

Can I talk to them? Why not? Just like I talk to everybody, ok. But, personally I don’t like to be associated with them.

One day, we were in California, in Los Angeles and we were sitting around a table… this guy was sitting next to me… he said: I’m personally a gay… I moved my chair. I didn’t feel comfortable to sit next to the guy. Again, you can talk to them.”

Imam Muneer El-Kassem (London, Ont.):

El-Kassem implied that Allah punished mankind with global wide economic crisis because of homosexuality (“some sexual orientations”) and immodesty (“dressed half naked”). According to Munir El-Kassem, the climate change as it is seen reflected in the prolonged drought in Middle East is actually Allah’s retribution for the people who avoid giving charity.

Muslim preacher at Toronto’s Dundas Square:

If you are gay you are cursed, because it is disgusting, because you area man and you are having sex with another man which is the cause of AIDS.”

“You want to be proud to be a gay and this is the cause of AIDS and that is a punishment from God.”

“You’ll see all these homosexuals, they are spitting… because they are dying of AIDS, and the truth is the truth. I’m here to bring the truth… It is the punishment of God. God is punishing them by bringing them AIDS.”

Homosexuality is wrong and a sin and if you are a homosexual you are cursed. It doesn’t matter if it is your right… you will have to answer your Lord… when you die you will have to answer to God for your evil Satanic actions.”

“The truth is the truth and the truth has to be spread… because the City is days before the Gay Parade, right? and as a Muslim I have to enjoy the good and forbid the evil. I have to do it because I’m committed by Allah as a Muslim to enjoy good and forbid evil.”

If you go to Church and Wellesley you see these homosexuals spitting, because they are dying of AIDS.”

“People want to defend them. How can you defend something Satanic… how can you defend AIDS? It is immoral… Homosexuality is immoral.”

The book Minhaj – Al – Muslim, or “The way of a Muslim” (sold in Islamic bookstores in Canada), p. 511 of the book (Vol. 2):

The Hadd [fixed punishment] of homosexuality is stoning to death, with there being no difference between the married or unmarried person. This is due to the Prophet’s statement:

Whoever you find doing the deed of the people of Lut (i.e. sodomy), then kill the doer and the one

to whom it is being done.” (Abu Dawud, At-Tirmithi and others, and it is Sahih [reliable])

The methods of killing them (the two who committed the homosexual act) that have been related from the Companions have differed. From among them there were those who burned them with fire. Others among them killed them by stoning them with stones. Ibn ‘Abbas said about them. “The highest building in the village should be sought, then they should be thrown from it upside down (i.e. on their heads). Then they should stoned after that.”

The book “The Lawful and the Prohibited in Islam” By Yusuf Al Qaradawi (sold in Islamic bookstores in Canada):

Sexual Perversion: A Major Sin…

Lut’s people were addicted to this shameless depravity, abandoning natural, pure, and lawful relations with women in the pursuit of this unnatural, foul and illicit practice…

The jurists of Islam have held different opinions concerning the punishment for this abominable practice. Should it be the same as the punishment for zina [adultery, which means that the married sinner is stoned to death], or should both the active and passive participations [sic] be put to death? While such punishments may seem cruel, they have been suggested to maintain the purity of the Islamic society and to keep it clean of perverted elements.”

The book Fatawa Islamiyah or Islamic Verdicts (sold in Islamic bookstores in Canada), (Vol. 6, p. 199):

The Ruling on Sodomy and the Punishment Thereof

What is the ruling on sodomy in Islam and what is the punishment?

The shameful act of sodomy is one of the most repugnant of shameful acts and we seek refuge with Allah (from it). Because of it, Allah destroyed the people of Lut, peace be upon him, and punished them with a terrible punishment, turning their homes upside down and raining stones of baked clay upon them, layer upon layer, (as Allah said): “marked from your Lord and they are not ever far from the wrongdoers.”

It has been reported from the Companions, may Allah be pleased with them, that the punishment for one who does that or allows it to be done to him is that he be killed. Or, tobe burnt or to be stoned. Or, to be thrown from the highest point (mountain, tower, lofty building etc.), then to follow it with stoning.

This is because of its corruption of morals, customs, and because of its violation of the natural human state, and because the abandonment of lawful marriage by those who practice.

“Ibn Jibreen”

The book “Clear Your Doubts About Islam” (distributed for free at the Islamic book at Toronto’s Dundas Square):

Why does Islam oppose homosexuality? Where is freedom of choice?

In the West today. homosexuality and lesbianism have come to be seen as an alternative lifestyle subject to personal preference. It is no longer considered an abnormality that requires restraint and treatment, and is being actively promoted by its adherents and their sympathizers as a legitimate way of life. Arguments in favor of tolerance toward same sex relationships arc based on the assumption that homosexual behavior is biologically based and not merely learned from society.

Islam considers homosexuality to be the result of human choice. Human beings are not robots that do only what they are programmed to do. They choose how to behave and God holds them responsible for their choices. It is inconceivable that God would have made some people homosexuals then declared it a punishable crime. To accept such a proposition is to suggest that God is unjust.

Inclinations can exist within humans toward a variety of natural acts and unnatural ones such as rape, paedophilia or bestiality. These inclinations may arise from media influence or direct contact, but it does not mean that free reign should be given to them.”

The book24 Hours With The Prophet” (distributed for free at the Islamic booth at Dundas Square in Toronto):

Homosexuality is a “major sin”

The Meadowale Islamic Centre in Mississauga, Ontario included “sodomy, homosexuality” in the list of “The Five Evils” (newsletter. March & April 2015).

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