UNESCO says Jews have no connection to Temple Mount

UNESCO says Jews have no connection to Temple Mount, Israel National News, Yoel Bomb, October 13, 2016

(Here’s a link to UNESCO’s October 12th “Item 25: OCCUPIED PALESTINE.” Overt bias in favor of “Palestine?” Perish the thought. — DM)


The UN passed a resolution Thursday denying the Jewish connection to the Temple Mount and the Western Wall

The resolution was supported by 24 states, including Russia and China. 6 countries opposed and 26 abstained.

The resolution maintains that the Western Wall and Temple Mount will be referred to by their Arabic names and the Hebrew terms for the sites will only appear in quotation marks in UN references.

Earlier Israel had tried to prevent the decision, even asking the Vatican to help prevent the resolution. The Vatican enjoys observer status in UNESCO.

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One Comment on “UNESCO says Jews have no connection to Temple Mount”

  1. wingate Says:

    Who cares about UNESCO – obviously this is a bunch of despicable Neo – Nazi – scum….

    Who else could tell such outrageous lies concerning the Jewish nation – who else could fake historical facts to fight the Jews – who else could obviously work to start Holocaust No 2 by denying the Jewish connection to the jewish temple mount in jewish Jerusalem in jewish Israel ? Only Nazi – scum can do so !

    But woe, woe to you who fight Israel / the Jews :
    You are sticking your finger into the eye of the God of Israel – the one and only God.
    Its just a matter of time till HE will crush you for doing so…

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