Clinton Warned That Jordan Couldn’t Vet Refugees

Clinton Warned That Jordan Couldn’t Vet Refugees, Clarion Project, October 11, 2016

clintononvettingHillary Clinton. (Photo: © Getty Images)

Jordan cannot possibly adequately vet all the refugees who come into the country, Democratic nominee for President Hillary Clinton said in a paid speech in 2013. Jordan “can’t possibly vet all those [Syrian] refugees,” Clinton told the  Jewish United Fund of Metropolitan Chicago, “so they don’t know if … jihadists are coming in along with legitimate refugees.”

This contrasts with her more recent position that the “tough vetting” of refugees “is a serious challenge, [but] we are well-equipped to meet it, and we can do so in keeping with smart law enforcement, good intelligence and in concert with our values,” as she said in a September 19 speech.

Her 2013 remarks were revealed in a Wikileaks dump and picked up by the conservative media outlet Breitbart.

Over the past year, 62 people have either launched Islamic State-linked terrorist attacks in the United States or have been accused of plotting in support of the terrorist group, according to analysis by the Daily Mail. Small minorities of those were immigrants and only six were refugees.

In total, 64 people were killed and 121 wounded in different attacks.

The U.S. selects migrants based on need and does not ask them about their views on issues relating to extremism, although it does emphasize that the U.S. is a country of laws and that those laws must be obeyed. These policies were explained to Congress in a hearing by Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary at the Department of State’s Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migrants Simon Henshaw.

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