Clinton Article in Spanish Hails U.S.-Latin America Unity

Clinton Article in Spanish Hails U.S.-Latin America Unity, Latin American Herald Tribune, October 2, 2016

MIAMI – Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton hailed the power implicit in the geographical and cultural proximity between Latin America and the United States.

In an editorial written in Spanish and published Friday in the Miami daily El Nuevo Herald, the former secretary of state said that no other region in the world is “more important” for the prosperity and security of the United States than Latin America.

“There is power in our proximity, which means we are not only close geographically but also in our values, interests and in our common cultural heritage,” Clinton said, adding that the “interdependence” of the economies of the two regions, as well as the ties between communities and families, is a tremendous advantage.

“We shouldn’t build a wall between us because of that truth, but rather accept it,” she said, a clear reference to her rival, Republican candidate Donald Trump, who has promised more than once to build a wall along the U.S. border with Mexico if elected to the White House.

Clinton noted that she and her running mate, Sen. Tim Kaine, who lived for a time in Central America, see such a potential in Latin America for vibrant democracies, a growing middle class, extraordinary natural resources, some of the world’s most diverse communities, and a sense of optimism and opportunity that it’s inspiring.

“Donald Trump looks south and sees only crime and chaos. From the first day of his campaign he has belittled U.S. Latinos, insulted and denigrated people in the entire region and promised to build a wall between us and our nearest neighbor,” she said, adding that her rival is “completely wrong.”

Latin America has made “great strides” in recent years, which have led to “historic changes,” said the Democratic candidate, who at the same time defended the need to maintain close ties with the region due to some “real threats” it still faces.

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