Syrians will soon receive EU money deposited into ‘credit card’

It is a prominent part of the migration agreement between the EU and Turkey: European money for Syrian refugees that they get paid monthly on an electronic debit card.

From October 1 this should enter into force, but what should we imagine ?

By Tom Reijner

27 sep 2016

( translation from original Dutch article by JK  )

The utility is officially launched Monday by the Cypriot Commissioner Christos Stylianides (Humanitarian Aid).
‘Biggest EU aid project ever’

Not without any triumphalism: “Today we launch the largest and most comprehensive humanitarian project that the EU has ever supported. It will ensure that 1 million Syrian refugees have a kind of basic income, “said the Commissioner at a press conference. The project, according to him the “ultimate proof” how the EU is involved in solving the migration and refugee crisis. But what about this aid money system exactly work?

The debit cards – similar to a type of credit or prepaidpas – provided by the so-called Emergency Social Safety Net (ESSN). This is a special program of the EU for refugees and set up in collaboration with the World Food Programme of the United Nations, the Turkish authorities and the Turkish Red Crescent (the Islamic equivalent of the Red Cross).

In the words of the Commissioner “a system that combines the Turkish welfare of a humanitarian response.” The ESSN project has been allocated EUR 348 million, to be paid from the big pot of money (3 billion euros), which Ankara had pledged to help the refugees in their own country. Meanwhile, paid 652 million – though Erdogan complained bitterly that it is all not enough, and where the rest of the money actually remains.

It sounds like a fraud sensitive system

But not everyone will benefit from EU funds. Only the ‘most vulnerable’ among the more than 3 million Syrians in Turkey may make purchases “so they can feed their families.” Brussels hopes that therefore the local economy is supported, as they embark on fruit and vegetable markets. These people, who are outside the refugee camps, may decide that they spend the money. So they can keep “their dignity, and they are not condemned to begging on the streets.

It sounds like a fraud sensitive system. How do the EU officials assured that the money is well spent, and not in bags reaches of shady characters, whether or not within the Turkish government itself?

Namely, there is also cooperation with the Turkish Ministry of Family and Social Policy. The European Commission ensures strict control: “We will ensure that every euro is spent properly,” says Stylianides.

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2 Comments on “Syrians will soon receive EU money deposited into ‘credit card’”

  1. joopklepzeiker Says:

    A basic income for Syrians, how more funny can we make it .

    Paying the islamic conquerors a basic income !

    And who said that suicide is painless ?

    • ira berkowitz Says:

      very well said. political correctness arrives at its’ inevitable endpoint. stupidity beyond be;lief by people who consider themselves to be, “enlightened”.

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