Iran gains Mediterranean bases in Italy and Syria

Iran gains Mediterranean bases in Italy and Syria, DEBKAfile, September 25, 2016


As part of Iran’s drive to rule the strategic waves of regional waters, Tehran has negotiated a naval exchange deal with Rome for its warships to be berthed in Italian ports, DEBKAfile’s military sources reveal.

In this context, the US Pentagon and Navy chiefs once again urged Israel to update and enlarge its war fleet, which they said was “full of holes” to catch up with the rapidly changing conditions opposite its shores, where Russia, Iran and Egypt are building up armadas of warships that are bigger and more advanced than ever before.

The American warning to Israel was first reported by DEBKAfile Aug. 11 (Urgent Israeli Navy order for new US coastal craft), after Moscow posted its Admiral Kuznetsov aircraft carrier to the Mediterranean, and Egypt took delivery of theAnwar El Sadat, the first of two Mistral-class helicopter carriers bearing 92 choppers, purchased from France. The second, Gamal Abdel Nasser, was handed over on Sept. 16.

Israel’s naval inferiority was further underlined last week when Iran’s Navy commander, Rear-Admiral Habibollah Sayyari, went into action to carry out supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei’s orders to acquire naval bases in Syria and Italy for establishing a permanent Iranian fleet presence in the Mediterranean.

The admiral moved fast. The Italian Navy chief Rear-Admiral Roberto Chia Marcella visited Tehran on Sept. 5. and Saturday, Sept. 24, the first Italian frigate, Euro, docked at Bandar Abbas, home to the Iranian Revolutionary Guards command.

Until now, the farthest point reached by the Iranian Navy was the Gulf of Aden.

The intervention of the fleets of Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the UAE in the Yemen war pushed the Iranian navy back from its thrust to expand its presence towards the Mediterranean. Their joint action evicted the Iranian navy from Yemen’s Red Sea ports, and prevented Tehran from capturing the strategic islands in the mouth of the Bab-al-Mandab Strait at the entrance to the Red Sea.

Today, DEBKA Weekly’s military sources note, the Iranian Navy is hard put to obey the ayatollah’s orders, lacking the warships and advanced submarines for this new strategic mission. Iran’s warships can certainly not stand up to Egypt’s Mistral-class helicopter carriers or find answers for the Dolphin-class submarines that Germany has sold Israel.

Hence the approach to Rome to extend the Iranian navy’s capacity and range of operations.

The two admirals’ talks in Tehran ended in a vague agreement “to strengthen bilateral ties.”

Iran, however, has the money and the will to invest in new warships, while Italy has the will to build such ships for the Iranian fleet. The Italians are, moreover, not averse to allowing the Iranian fleet to use their Mediterranean bases.

Besides the financial benefits, Italy is additionally motivated by the steady reduction in the number of warships that the US Sixth Fleet maintains at its ports. It has been nearly a year since a US aircraft carrier anchored at an Italian port. Italy’s Defense Ministry and its military command understand that if the US president who succeedsBarack Obama in January continues the policy of withdrawing American forces from the Middle East, Italian naval bases will be emptied of warships.

Rear-Admiral Marcella’s comments during his visit to Tehran are worth noting: He said “In the future, we will witness Italian vessels berthing at (Iran’s) southern harbors falling within the Iranian Navy’s sphere of operation.” He added, “It is certain that these talks and meetings will lead to the development of interaction and cooperation in different military areas between the two countries of Iran and Italy.”

For his part, Iranian Navy Commander Sayyari said “Italy enjoys around 8,000 kilometers (4,970 miles) of maritime border and the Mediterranean is also strategically very significant, given the fact that it connects the important Suez Canal and the Strait of Gibraltar.”

These words served to delineate the waters where Italian-made Iranian warships were likely to operate in the future. The Euro’s arrival at Bandar Abbas Saturday, Sept. 24 lent substance to those words.

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3 Comments on “Iran gains Mediterranean bases in Italy and Syria”

  1. wingate Says:

    The Italian government has obviously lost common sense … else would a western, free, democratic, christian nation go to bed with an absolute terror regime like the nazis of teheran who spread terror worldwide, who openly declare that their goal is to wipe out the jewish state…

    Italians, if you want to save your beautiful country – stop your government from driving Italy to the wall !

    ” He who curses the Jews / Israel – he will be cursed ! ”
    This is written in every italian bible – did the italians forgot how to read or did they become blind ?

    One thing is for sure – the italian state is in really bad shape in every possible sense – to go to bed
    with the terror state of Iran could easily break the camels back !

    Mamma mia Italiani – volete veramente distruire la vostra patria ?
    Se no, fermate il vostro governo subito !

    • wingate Says:

      Just weeks ago Italy was hit by a strong earthquake – and the campi flegrei ( europes only supervolcano ) in Naples/ Italy are recently subject of quite a lot of media-reports….

      Personally I fear for Italy – I fear for europe because europe in general has not stopped to hate the Jews as we can see now by the actions of the italian government.

      Israel is the apple of Gods eye ( check your bibles, amici italiani ) – to stick your finger into the eye of the Almighty is pure madness / suicidal…

  2. Nostradamus prophecies are coming true – in this case, quatrain 3:90 about an Iranian admiral who is given oceanic gifts that bring his fleet from southern Iran to the coasts of western Italy and southern France. If Nostradamus should be taken seriously, expect an Islamic invasion of Europe (armies, not just immigrants) as described in my first book. If Bible prophecy can be taken seriously, expect all hell to break loose soon, with economic collapse and world war this year as described in   End Times and 2019, and   Antichrist 2016-2019: Mystery Babylon, Barack Obama & the Islamic Caliphate

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