Trump donors harassed, spit on at fundraiser

Trump donors harassed, spit on at fundraiser, Washington Examiner,  T. Becket Adams, August 20, 2016

( Ain’t civility wonderful? I cannot embed the video at Washington Examiner, but the YouTube video provided below appears to be the same. There is another video at the end of the article, which I could not find at YouTube. Please see also, Hillary Supporters Punch the Elderly, Spit and Turn Violent at Donald Trump Fundraiser (video)… — DM)

Attendees at a Donald Trump fundraiser in Minneapolis Friday night were shouted at, manhandled and even spit on by a crowd of unruly protesters.

Pro-immigration demonstrators gathered outside the Minneapolis Convention Center early Friday evening to protest the GOP nominee’s first visit to the state. The initial demonstration, which was organized by the Minnesota Immigrants Rights Action Committee, was peaceful.

As the evening wore on, however, a growing number of disruptive protesters joined the original group of anti-Trump demonstrators, and that’s when things turned ugly.


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One Comment on “Trump donors harassed, spit on at fundraiser”

  1. ira berkowitz Says:

    still waiting to see someone open up a can of whoopass on a rovolutionista.

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