Jobs for Jihadis: ISIS Recruits at Swedish Employment Office

Jobs for Jihadis: ISIS Recruits at Swedish Employment Office, Front Page Magazine, Daniel Greenfield, April 16,  2016


It’s a popular meme from the media to the State Department that Jihadis are just jobless. Well ISIS came down to the employment agency in Sweden to help out.

Among job seekers at the Employment Service in Malmö, ISIS has openly tried to enlist Muslims to join the terrorist group.

According to Sydsvenskan, staff of the Public Employment Service Offices in Malmö discovered that a man sought contact with clients in the office. The man made contact with unemployed Muslims and gave them IS-propaganda, and among other things, pressured a man of African origin.

Both customers and staff reacted to the recruitment, which happened openly and without any attempt to hide the intentions.

Well this Islamophobia and ISISphobia must end at once. ISIS should have as much right to organize and recruit at Swedish employment agencies as it does on American college campuses.

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