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  1. anneinpt Says:

    This is the most revolting, sickening, misogynistic, bigoted and twisted video I have ever seen outside of the propaganda videos of ISIS.

    Way to go “feminized men” – blame the downfall of the West on the women! Why not blame it on the Jews while you’re at it? In fact if you replace the word “women” with “Jews” you’d have a fine Nazi video. You would do Hitler proud, not to mention Hamas and ISIS. ::puke::

    There are so many points to contend with that I don’t know where to begin. A couple of things really stood out though – that women are accused of not being loyal to their tribe, – REALLY?? There are no women who sacrificed everything, including their lives, so as not to convert to another religion or hand over state secrets or whatever?

    The accusation that women side with the stronger and more violent males, – HELLO? Since women are physically weaker, and usually without political power, at least in the past, what choice did women have? How were they to survive?

    I could go on.

    All I will say is that this person’s opinions are reflected in his juvenile crappy spelling. If you can’t spell correctly you can’t promote any viable ideology.

    Shame on the poster here for posting this video. I feel physically sick.

    • joopklepzeiker Says:

      Wow, blame ( shame ) the messenger who brings up thoughts running trough the society (s) !
      Is that women logic ?
      Ostrich policy , you do not like it so you do not wanna hear or see it , even get physically sick if you do .
      Is that now not exactly where this video is about ?

      • anneinpt Says:

        I’m not sure what this video is about besides blaming women for every single thing wrong with Western society. It’s as bad as the Muslims blaming the West and everyone else for all their problems rather than facing up to their own fault. What is the point of blaming women for the fall of the West? What, men had nothing to do with it? The west was doing just dandy until the women came along? Seriously? Women are so evil that they just can’t help themselves but they just HAVE to side with the worst, most evil, most violent men? They just fall in love with all that blood lust?

        You’re out of your mind and so is the maker of the video.

        If anyone has an ostrich policy it’s you.

        Thank G-d and all His angels I do not live in the West. I live in the one Western-oriented country that is not in the West, i.e. in Israel. Israel is a country with determinedly equal opportunity laws and much more liberal laws about equal rights than many western countries. Women serve in the army, about half the judiciary is female, the banking system is headed by a woman… And yet Israel has not yet collapsed onto itself. in fact it is doing a million times better than its super-masculinized Arab neighbours and lot better than many Western countries. So how are you going to explain that? Or perhaps it’s just another Divine miracle.

        Or perhaps the video is just plain wrong.

        • joopklepzeiker Says:

          quote :
          men had nothing to do with it?
          I’m not sure what this video is about

          Unquote :
          If you listen well( perhaps you have to listen again and fully ) , men had everything to do with it !
          Why are i,am out of my mind ?
          Why so an emotional reaction ?
          The world is much bigger than Israel !

          This is a comment (bad translated from Dutch, but good enough to understand https://ejbron.wordpress.com/2016/02/22/video-controversieel-waarom-vrouwen-natiescivilisaties-verwoesten-en-andere-ongemakkelijke-waarheden/ ) from another blog by an intelligent women .

          It is true that the commentator of this film goes to far in his observations and his conclusions thus overly negative impact on women and striving for the autonomy of Western women, but that women ruin it usually itself, necessarily some ‘female’ wanting to maintain aspects such as openness, care and “social conscience,” is also a fact, because a combination of all effects a misplaced long suffering toward your natural enemy -in this case the Islam- perpendicular to each form by healthy realism and diligently is helping to help Western society prematurely to smithereens.
          That, I must confess to my shame, is a typical female trouble.
          You see the Palestinians-huggers as Meulenbelt A. and G. Duisenberg, to naive do-gooders as F. Halsema, even after personal experiences the good humanity still refuse to let go, or revise, at least; you see it, a little further away, on bitches like Hillary Clinton and in its wake the “old feminists,” as Gloria Steinem, now, still is trying on her old age, to oblige women morally, to vote for Clinton …. .because she is a woman. Need I say more? This total emptiness, the total based on the obviousness of individual autonomy “so best to poor Muslims including as you give,” admittedly assumes all good people, but first and foremost of those among them that extra right here on their qui vive should include women. Unbelievable, but true.
          Just because I’m already aware of this for years, I personally am not able to get close friendships exclusively female context whether the term ‘female solidarity “to take seriously. Both, in practice, always relative and the treacherous it is true that many women remain stubbornly refuse to acknowledge it.

    • On balance, I find the video offensive. However, one interesting point is that western “feminists” in general have fallen quite short in opposing the Islamamisation – and likely death – of a free, western oriented and democratic Europe.

      I often visit a feminist site in America, and the hostess there has been unable to explain why western feminists are so reluctant to oppose it, even though she does. I can’t explain it either.

      I understand that Israel is different. Perhaps you can explain the situation in Europe, why Israel is different and what Europe should do.

      • anneinpt Says:

        Dan, I can’t explain the situation in Europe because it’s incomprehensible to me. They’re behaving like lemmings jumping off a cliff. They’ve invited these “refugees” – who may or may not be genuine, and who may or may not be terrorists – to live in their midst without imposing rules of citizenship or even just decent behaviour. These refugees have completely different norms of behaviour, not necessarily connected to their religion. It’s not simply a matter of Islam. It’s more a cultural thing in my opinion.

        I have no idea at all why feminists would approve or even encourage this Islamization of Europe. As I said, it’s incomprehensible.

        Israel is a completely different story because Israelis society is much more united in its ultimate purpose, which is to provide a safe haven and a national homeland for the Jewish people. Yes, there are differences in politics and religion, and disagreements on how to get to the end result, but the ultimate purpose remains the same. So when it comes to an existential threat, which is what Islamization is to Europe, Israelis unite and work together towards their common goal.

        But why there is not this unity of purpose in Europe is a mystery to me. It must be to do with the weakening of Western culture and society in general, the loss of pride in nationalities, the lack of patriotism… you need sociologists, psychologists and anthropologists to dissect the new European mentality.

        However, the video is far too generalizing and far too shallow in putting so much of the blame on women’s liberation. It doesn’t even make sense when you look back on history.

      • Last year, I <a = href = "https://warsclerotic.wordpress.com/2015/03/16/book-review-the-islamic-war/"<reviewed Islamic War at Warsclerotic. I am now reading it again, because it makes me feel that perhaps there is hope for Israel and the Middle East.

  2. wingate Says:

    the decline and fall of europe / the west :

    murdering 6 millions jews in europe has a price – payday is here for europe……
    desintegrating societies is part of the price….

    the responsibility to run a society properly/healthy is first of all the mens one – if they do a good Job, Society will prosper – if they fail,
    Society is going down the drain ( as we see in europe / USA ).

    its the men who are desperately needed to live up to their call / resposability – this will heal the Society – this is the root Problem of the west……….

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