France knows: This is war

Source: Israel Hayom | France knows: This is war

And not just any war, a religious war: the most dangerous and fanatical kind • Friday’s “barbaric” attacks in Paris made it clear that France can no longer bury its head in the sand • Islamist jihad has arrived, and it intends to kill, terrify — conquer.

Boaz Bismuth

France is in mourning

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2 Comments on “France knows: This is war”


    I do not see how the entire world or for that matter anyone be stunned from the atrocities that have been committed since 9/11 and really before that time by the so called Muslim radicals.It is expected that these acts of terrorism occur.And unfortunately they will continue.The only question is how frequent will they occur.If one is not suffering from cranial rectal inversion, it should be abundantly clear we are and have been declared war by the Muslims.Perhaps not all Muslims-but if one follows the Koran,it is very clear that there is no room for a devout Muslim to to pick and choose the passages in the Koran for which one might agree with or disagree.Moreover, a simple survey of those Muslim countries whose majority are of the Muslim faith will show the horrendous intolerance towards the minority of citizens of said country that are of the Christian and Jewish faith.But that should not come of no surprise for the Koran mandates that followers of “the of Book ” be persecuted and even be put to death.So enough of the nonsense that the world is stunned by these horrific acts of terror.This is what is expected from the teachings of Islam.I must give credit to them in that we have been warned and forewarned by them.

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