At the U.N., Obama refuses to see the chaotic world he has made,

At the U.N., Obama refuses to see the chaotic world he has made, BreitbartJohn Hayward, September 28, 2015


President Obama’s address to the U.N. General Assembly on Monday morning was a rambling journey through a fantasy world where his foreign policy hasn’t been an unmitigated disaster.

Perhaps the most bizarre moment came when he tried to tout his Libyan adventure as a success.

There was plenty of tough-guy posturing that intimidated absolutely no one.  The Russian and Iranian delegations were especially good at looking bored and unimpressed when he called upon them to do this-or-that because The World supposedly demanded it. Obama hasn’t figured out he’s the only leader at the U.N. eager to sacrifice his nation’s interests to please The World.

Obama made the weird decision to vaguely threaten Russia over its invasion of Ukraine by claiming that The World would not stand idly by and allow it… when that’s exactly what The World, and especially First Citizen of the World Barack Obama, has been doing.  He essentially pleaded with Iran to stop supporting terrorist proxies and pursuing its aggressive regional ambitions, and focus on their economy instead.  (Of course, in Obama’s vigorous imagination, the U.S. has been enjoying an economic boom under his stewardship, instead of an endless grinding non-recovery and limp, sporadic growth, after Obama’s spending doubled the national debt in a single presidency.)

It was bad enough that the President talked about American troops coming home from Iraq and Afghanistan as the triumphant conclusion of an effective policy, rather than the hideous blunder that allowed ISIS to create a terror state, al-Qaeda to rise from the ashes, and the Taliban to begin planning its return to power.  At the same moment Obama was speaking, the Taliban was conducting a major offensive in Afghanistan, on par with the importance of ISIS taking Mosul in Iraq.  Obama’s pitifully small “New Syrian Force” of U.S.-backed rebels just handed a good deal of its American equipment over to al-Qaeda, and no one really knows what became of the unit itself.  Their predecessors were destroyed by al-Qaeda’s Nusra Front in Syria, with less than half a dozen survivors still on the field.

When Obama boasted of the Libyan operation as the successful removal of a tyrant, jaws must have hit the floor around the room.  Libya is an unholy disaster, a wasteland of warlords fighting to keep ISIS off their turf.  It’s a key gateway for the incredible migratory tide blasting out of Africa and the Middle East and now surging across Europe.  And yet, Obama portrays it as [a] laudable example of tyrant removal… while modestly admitting that “our coalition could have, and should have, done more to fill a vacuum left behind.”

Of course he blamed everyone else in the “coalition” for the disaster in Libya. He’s Barack Obama.  The day may come when he takes responsibility for something, but today is not that day, and tomorrow isn’t looking good either.

The scary thing about Obama is that he believes so completely in the power of his own rhetoric.

He thinks he can reshape reality with his words.  When he scolds the Iranians for their “Death to America!” rhetoric by saying bloodthirsty chants don’t create jobs, he’s asking Iran to live up to the silly talking points he foisted off on the American people to cover the Iranian nuclear deal.  He’s commanding Iran to act like the enlightened, responsible nation-state he gambled the future of Israel, America, and much of the Western world on.

The Iranians, on the other hand, see no reason to knock off the “Death to America!” chants, disband their theocracy, and begin spending their days arguing about stimulus bills.  Belligerence has gotten them everything so far.  They’ve been rewarded for it… by Barack Obama.  They’ve got $150 billion in sanctions relief coming their way.  They can afford to send a few guys to sit in the U.N. General Assembly with pissy expressions on their faces while Obama rambles on about how geo-political crime does not pay.  They know for a fact it pays, quite handsomely.  The Iranians are already using their Obama loot to reinforce terror proxies like Hamas and Hezbollah, and secure Bashar Assad in power.

Ah, yes, Bashar Assad… the dictator Obama still blathers on about removing from power, even as his own diplomatic apparatus gets used to the idea Assad is not going anywhere.  The only really good part of Obama’s speech was when he spent five seconds glaring at the Syrian ambassador before launching into his denunciation of barrel bombs and chemical weapons.  But you know what?  That Syrian ambassador gets paid enough to take a few seconds of hairy eyeball from the ineffectual American president.  The Russians are smoothly replacing American influence across the Middle East, in partnership with Iran.  The new order is taking shape.  Obama isn’t going to reverse that process by telling aggressive, bare-knuckle conquerors they should be ashamed of themselves.

The other dangerous thing about this delusional President is his belief in the “judgment of history.”

He’s constantly hitting on the idea that all of the world’s villains are on the wrong side of history, and will find themselves buried in the sands of time any day now.  It’s a dodge, a way of Obama evading responsibility.  Bashar Assad is going to remerge from the Wrong Side of History in pretty good shape.  ISIS is very comfortable there, as is Iran.  Qaddafi didn’t assume room temperature because History caught up with him. Vladimir Putin has a lovely view of Crimea from the wrong side of history.  The history of Europe is being reshaped by the tramping of a million “refugee” feet.

In every example, Obama clings to the idea that he can change the world by talking and scoring debate points, while his adversaries seize territory and control the course of events.  It’s not as though Obama has some deep-seated reluctance to use deadly force – there have been a lot of deaths by drone strike since he won that Nobel Peace Prize.  What Obama lacks is commitment.  His foreign policy is all about gestures and distractions.  He cooks up half-baked plans that will blow up a terrorist here and there, so he can’t be accused of doing “nothing,” but he won’t do anything that could cost him political capital at home.  Even Libya was half-hearted and calculated for minimum risk, which is why the place went to an even deeper Hell after Qaddafi was overthrown.

Obama talks as if he’s taken action against numerous crises, but all he ever did was talk about them.  The men of action are stacking up bodies, and raising flags over conquered cities, while this President is writing speeches and trying to win applause from editorial boards.  The men of action know that Obama’s promises all have expiration dates, his vows of action always have escape clauses, and no matter how he loves to boast that he heads up the most powerful military the world has ever seen, he’s done everything he can to make it weaker.

President Obama is still clinging to a romantic vision of the “Arab Spring” as a flourishing of democracy, despite all evidence to the contrary.  He’s giving the same foreign policy speeches he gave in 2009 because he can’t bear to live in the world he made.  He talks about filling vacuums and voids… but those voids are already filled, by hard characters with plans to make the most of the extraordinary opportunity Barack Obama afforded them.

(Video of Obama’s UN address — DM):


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4 Comments on “At the U.N., Obama refuses to see the chaotic world he has made,”

  1. Karin Says:

    We hope its OK with JW that people should read the and websites, to read what most of the media is not reporting about true actions of Majority of Muslims, Eventhough There Are A Minority of Good Muslims

    To all the Pollyannas out there who think things are going to be just fine!!!

    What Netanyahu wrought.

    Op-Ed: Russian Arms: to Syria Today, Tomorrow to a “Demilitarized Palestine”

    In the time it would take an Israeli tourist to finish an Israeli breakfast, Russia deployed close to a thousand Russian special operations soldiers to Syria. No UN resolution. No discussion. No nothing. “President” Assad, the genocidal mass-murderer of hundreds of thousands of Sunnis, merely “invited” the Russians to come, and they came.

    The Russians came with mobile anti-aircraft missile batteries, various Russian special forces and nuclear submarines armed with enough nuclear bombs on the one submarine to incinerate the practically the entire world. If ever a terrorist Palestinian state is formed in the “West Bank”, any Palestinian terrorist president can, and will, just as easily invite the Russians into their new country within a day. Before Israel, or anyone will know it, Russians and their anti-aircraft missile batteries will line the Green Line. The moment that happens, start saying Kaddish for Israel.

    What exactly are Israel and Netanyahu going to do the afternoon of the morning during which Russia slips a thousand Speznetz paratroops into the newly formed “West Bank Palestine”?
    Far-fetched? Well, despite the accelerating proliferation of jihadi groups faster than you can say “Alluhu akbar,” and Obama’s cash infusion of 150 billion dollars into the Iran leading-state-sponsor-of-terror, Prime Minister Netanyahu is still talking about a “Palestinian State”. With European Union (EU) High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Federica Mogherini, in Jerusalem, Prime Minister Netanyahu stressed his commitment to a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Netanyahu declared: “I support the vision of two states for two peoples – a demilitarized Palestinian state that recognizes the Jewish state,” he declared. (Whisky tango foxtrot?-ML)

    Up to now, Abbas and Israel’s Frankenstein-like creation of the Palestinian Authority have violated every diplomatic “limitation” that the Palestinians “agreed to” in the Oslo Accords, or should I say Discords. They declared a state, raised the flag at the UN, filed with the ICC, unceasingly foment terror and violence – you name it, the PA has violated it. Israel throws a “we’re stopping the money” tantrum only to transfer the money they withheld a couple of months later.

    What exactly are Israel and Netanyahu going to do the afternoon of the morning during which Russia slips a thousand Speznetz paratroops into the newly formed “West Bank Palestine”, and they deploy as a fait accompli tripwire force along the Green Line and in East Jerusalem? They won’t be able to do a thing.

    Why will Russia want to deploy to “Palestine”? For starters, the Russians were crazy enough to want to deploy in Syria, where they risk the hatred of the entire Sunni Arab world and the loss of their troops to the Jihadi crazies. In Palestine, they will be seen as heroes to the entire Sunni Arab world, and don’t have to fear Israel will harm a single hair on the head of a single Russian soldier. If the Russians deployed to Syria where all logic defied a deployment, they surely will deploy to “Palestine”. Secondly, this way they insure an alliance with all the Sunni Arab countries even if the Russians are still friendly with Iran. Finally, the Russians will have created the beginnings of a firewall protecting Cyprus where they will own “Palestine” and control what remains if – as they hope – Israel is destroyed.

    Abbas and the “West Bank Palestine” will want them to deploy to protect Abbas and his cronies from Hamas and all the other Jihadis who would otherwise wipe Abbas out of existence the moment Israel leaves the area. Abbas will be the protected baby of the nuclear-power UN-Veto-powered Russia. Abbas will have concluded the coup of history: Israel commits virtual suicide, America pays for it and loses all strategic value of Israel its military strategic fulcrum, and Russia looks like a hero to the Muslim world.

    Maybe Israelis should start checking their non-Israeli passports. For, when the Russian-protected “Palestine” starts lobbing katyusha rockets into Tel Aviv and mortars into West Jerusalem, what is Israel going to do with thousands of Russian special forces lined along the Green Line and several nuclear submarines parked in the eastern Mediterranean? It will be game over for Israel.

    Netanyahu’s delusional notions of a “demilitarized Palestinian State” are a greater immediate threat to Israel’s existence than the Obama-Iranian nuke deal. Until Israel publicly rids itself of the suicidal notion of a “demilitarized Palestinian state”, the greatest dangers to Israel are its own politicians.

    As foretold….

    John Prophet Says:

    September 28, 2015 at 5:08 PM
    “Putin has begun a military buildup in ally Syria for reasons that U.S. officials have said remain unclear.”

    Neville Netanyahu, by putting his head in the sand and allowing the barbarians to encircle Israel; has allowed the enemy from the North to enter. Once this is completed Netanyahu’s folly (as it will be know) will be complete!

    John Prophet Says:

    September 28, 2015 at 5:09 PM
    It is wrirren!

    John Prophet Says:

    September 28, 2015 at 5:10 PM
    It is written!

    Karin Says:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    September 29, 2015 at 1:52 AM
    You are correct JP

    Its been mentioned on this site before that if the Israeli gov is to scared to take actions, and military actions againts Irans nuclear facilities to protect the future of Israel, then the citizens needed to start making public demonstrations to pressure the Israeli gov, and reassure Israeli gov that theyre supporting them, even if most of the world doesnt.

    A lot of good bloggers and writers contribute to this Blog, its been suggested they dont waste theyre talents, they should unit and use those talents to write in the media, to network, organize demonstrations, and slowly build a small and then increase it to a big movement to stop the Iranian Nuclear program

    Now they should use that talent to stop the cutting up of Israel and the creation of a muslim state on the PIECES of Israeli land, where there will be NO PEACE.

    The world will protect the Iranian nuclear program, and all the muslim countries will get nuclear programs, and then Israel will not know where the Nuclear missiles, bombs, Nuclear Suicide Bombers will come from

    And the Iron Dome and other Missile Interceptors can be defeated, if a hundreds or thousands of missiles are shot at them, then they will fail.

    And Israel is such a tiny country, that out of the hundreds or thousands of missiles, only 2 – 3 are needed and Israel will be destroyed.

    As Muslim gov dont care that half of their countries will be destroyed by Israeli counter strikes as long as they destroy Israel

    Now the bloggers should use that talents to stop the cutting up of Israel and the creation of a muslim state on the PIECES of Israeli land, where there will be NO PEACE.

    they should unit and use those talents to write in the media, to network, organize demonstrations, and slowly build a small and then increase it to a big movement to stop Destroying and Cutting Up Pieces of Israel to make a Very Dangerous Muslim country that always stated it wants to destroy Israel.

    We hope its OK with JW that people should read the and websites, to read what most of the media is not reporting about true actions of Majority of Muslims, Eventhough There Are A Minority of Good Muslims


    Without a doubt Israel must play its cards right.Because it is unknown how far Russia will for middle east real estate.

  3. John Prophet Says:

    The price of poker has just gone up.

    What Neville Netanyahu wrought!!

    Putin warns Israel off targeting Iranian targets in Syria

    Russian President Vladimir Putin is concerned about Israel’s repeated attacks in Syria, he said, after talking for an hour and-a-half with President Barack Obama early Tuesday, Sept. 29, on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly in New York. Putin agreed that Israel’s security concerns must be taken into account in Syria, but he was worried by the IDF’s periodic strikes on positions in the embattled territory.

    Sunday night, the IDF hit Syrian military targets with powerful Tamuz artillery rockets after two errant Syrian rockets landed on the Golan.

    debkafile’s military sources report that they hit the artillery command post of the Syrian army’s 90th Brigade, which is stationed outside Quneitra. Syrian and Lebanese sources say the Syrian deputy commander was injured.
    The message the Russian president issued, straight after his meeting with Obama, was that Moscow would not put up with Israeli strikes in Syria, even in response to an attack.
    This comment and the events leading up to it raise four questions:

    1. Why did Putin take the trouble to respond in person to a trivial incident like a cross-border exchange of fire on the Golan directly after his highly-important talks with Obama?

    2. Why was he so concerned by this incident? It occurred just a week after the Russian president and Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu had agreed in Moscow to set up a coordination mechanism to prevent clashes between IDF and Russian forces. And in any case Russian forces were not involved.

    3. What was behind statement issued by Israel’s Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon after the incident, in which he stressed with unusual emphasis Israel’s zero tolerance of Syrian rocket infractions of its sovereignty?

    4. The two highly-charged statements were obviously occasioned by much more than errant cross-border fire from the Syrian side of the Golan.

    debkafile’s military and intelligence sources report that the answers to these conundrums are embodied in one individual, Brig. Gen. Saeed Azadi, of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, whose presence and operations in Syria are a closely guarded secret.

    Or at least they were until Netanyahu let the cat out of the bag at his meeting with Putin last week at the Russian presidential residence outside Moscow. The prime minister disclosed his knowledge that Gen. Azadi had come to replace Gen. Ali Allah Dadi, who died on Jan 18 in an Israeli air strike against a convoy carrying Iranian Guards and Hizballah commanders traveling near Quneitra. They were there to survey a site for mounting a terrorist campaign inside Israel.

    The Israeli air strike nipped this plan in the bud. But Iran and Hizballah never gave up, and Gen. Azadi was assigned to finish setting up the terror machine and getting it up and running.

    A week ago, Netanyahu gave Putin notice that Israel would not let this happen – even if this meant disposing of another Iranian general.

    The Russian leader explained that Israel’s attacks on Iranian military targets presented a problem because they weakened Bashar Assad.
    As matter stand therefore, Russia and Israel are on a collision course: While Israel views Gen. Azadi as a menacing adversary, Putin regards him as part of the Russian-Iranian axis in Syria and wants Israel to keep its hands off him. This point is of such paramount importance to the Russian leader’s plans for Syria that he made a big deal of it at the highest international forum – almost as a sequel to his first meeting with President Obama in more than a year.
    He was signaling strongly that the arrangement for the Russian and Israeli armies to coordinate their operations in Syria is unworkable and he was losing patience with Israel’s “security concerns” in so far as they impeded his plans with Iran for Syria.

    debkafile’s military sources add: The Syrian rocket fire Friday and Saturday was not in fact “errant” as the IDF spokesman maintained. The rockets were fired on the orders of Iranian Brig. Azadi as a demonstration that Israel’s warning to Putin was a waste of time and he meant to go forward with his operation regardless. Netanyahu and Ya’alon conveyed their message of resistance to this operation by instructing the IDF to hit back with the Tamuz rocket, a system powerful enough to give the other side pause and present Putin with an unforeseen complication in his Syrian venture.

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