Report: Hezbollah to withdraw from Syria fighting

Report: Hezbollah to withdraw from Syria fighting, Israel Hayom, Daniel Siryoti and Israel Hayom, September 24, 2015

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Hezbolla in BeruitHezbollah fighters march in Beirut | Photo credit: AP

Lebanese daily reports that after battle in border town of Zabadani is over, Hezbollah will focus on defensive missions and preventing spillover of fighting from Syria into Lebanon • Sources say Hezbollah wants to prepare for future conflict with Israel.

Hezbollah leaders have decided to cease military activities in Syria in the wake of criticism in Lebanon of the group’s involvement in the Syrian civil war and the high number of casualties its fighters have suffered in battles there, according to a report in Lebanon’s Daily Star newspaper.

According to the report, which was not officially confirmed by any Hezbollah officials, Hezbollah has informed Syrian President Bashar Assad that its fighters will not take further part in attacks against rebel groups and will leave Syria once the battle in the town of Zabadani, north of Damascus, has been decided.

Lebanese sources told the Daily Star that after Hezbollah secures the Lebanon-Syrian border by winning control of Zabadani, it will focus on defensive missions only and on preventing the spillover of fighting from Syria into Lebanon.

The sources also said that one of the reasons behind Hezbollah’s decision is that it has a limited number of fighting forces, and it wants to prepare for a future conflict with Israel.
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