PM: Israel, Russia establish ‘mechanism’ to prevent ‘misunderstandings’ in Syria

PM: Israel, Russia establish ‘mechanism’ to prevent ‘misunderstandings’ in Syria

Source: PM: Israel, Russia establish ‘mechanism’ to prevent ‘misunderstandings’ in Syria – Israel News – Jerusalem Post

Israel and Russia agreed to a create mechanism to prevent accidental confrontation between their forces in Syria, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said following a meeting on the outskirts of Moscow Monday with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Netanyahu, in a phone briefing with Israeli diplomatic reporters, said that the meeting was devoted to the complicated situation on Israel’s northern border.

“I made clear our policy to try to prevent through various means the transfer of lethal weapons from Syria to Hezbollah, which is actually done at the direction of Iran,” Netanyahu said.

Netanyahu said that the purpose of the meeting was to prevent “misunderstandings” between IDF and Russian forces. “We established a mechanism to prevent those misunderstandings,” he said, without elaborating. “This is something very important for Israel’s security.

The premier said he also told Putin “in an unequivocal manner” that Israel would not tolerate Iran’s arming its proxies on Israel’s borders, and that Israel will take all actions it needs to prevent this.

“This is our right and obligation,” Netanyahu said, adding that there was no disagreement on that point from the Russians. Netanyahu also said that it was made clear that regardless of Russia’s intentions in Syria, it will not be involved in Iran’s “extreme action against us.”

Netanyahu said that his trip was in no way intended as any kind of signal to the US, and that he coordinated the visit with the US and briefed Washington on its purpose — to prevent any accidental incidents with Russia in Syria.

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One Comment on “PM: Israel, Russia establish ‘mechanism’ to prevent ‘misunderstandings’ in Syria”

  1. joopklepzeiker Says:

    Putin to BIBI, we are delivering ss300 at that day in that harbor but please can you wait till they signed of the freight papers .

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