Senate Democrats sustain Iran nuclear deal, free Obama to lift sanctions

Senate Democrats sustain Iran nuclear deal, free Obama to lift sanctions, Washington Times

Democrats rallied behind President Obama Thursday, successfully filibustering to preserve the deal he and international leaders negotiated to curtail Iran’s nuclear program, clearing the way for the White House to lift sanctions on the Islamic Republic next week.

House Republicans were attempting a last-ditch effort to derail the deal, with a vote expected later in the day certifying that the president broke the law governing Congress’s review of the Iran deal. But Senate GOP leaders have rejected that avenue of attack, and Mr. Obama is expected to consider the Senate vote enough backing to move ahead next week.

“This is historic, this is grand, this is visionary,” said House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, California Democrat. “This is about peace.”

Opponents vehemently disagreed, predicting that a new arms race in the Middle East, and eventually war, would be the result of giving Iran access to tens of billions of dollars, lifting restrictions on conventional weapons and allowing the regime to retain the right to enrich nuclear material.

Public sentiment is adamantly opposed to the deal, according to polls, and a bipartisan majority in Congress voted to reject the agreement, including all Republican senators and four Democrats. But they were unable to surmount Democratic leaders’ filibuster, falling just two votes shy.

Under the terms of the Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act, signed into law earlier this year, Mr. Obama was required to submit the final agreement to Congress, and give lawmakers 60 days to review it before he could unilaterally lift sanctions. Congress needed to pass a resolution of disapproval in order to stop him, but Thursday’s filibuster short-circuited that effort.

Republicans could try again next week, ahead of the Sept. 17 date when Mr. Obama says he’ll be able to lift sanctions, but there’s little chance any senators will change their votes barring overwhelming pressure.

Across the Capitol, House Republican leaders are trying a new tactic, having concluded that Mr. Obama didn’t submit to Congress some of the side-agreements involved in the Iran deal, so the 60-day clock hasn’t actually started.

In particular, the International Atomic Energy Agency has refused to share agreements it reached with Iran governing how inspections of the regime’s nuclear facilities will be done. Republicans said without seeing those agreements, it’s impossible to judge how easy it will be for Iran to backslide.

“No American citizen has read this entire agreement,” Rep. Mike Pompeo, Kansas Republican, told colleagues as he pleaded with them to stop the deal.

The House was slated to vote later Thursday on a resolution officially stating the president hasn’t complied with the law. On Friday, the House will vote on two other measures: One would direct the president not to lift sanctions until January at the earliest, and the other would officially approve the Iran deal — Republicans intend for that to fail.

Mr. Obama said Thursday that if Congress hadn’t backed him, he would have had no other option to stop Iran’s program other than to strike at its nuclear facilities.

“We can either prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon through diplomacy, or be left with a form of war,” the president said in answering questions about the deal on “Those are the options. As commander in chief, I have not shied away from using force when necessary, but I cannot in good conscience place the burden of war on our men and women in uniform without testing a diplomatic agreement that achieves a better result.”

Thursday’s vote was a major victory for Mr. Obama and his top lieutenants in Congress, Mrs. Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, who corralled enough supporters to ensure Mr. Obama’s moves couldn’t be stopped.

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8 Comments on “Senate Democrats sustain Iran nuclear deal, free Obama to lift sanctions”

  1. Mark Says:

    I’m so sick of these traitorous a******s pretending they are the “anti-war” party! We’ve had to put up with their crap for way too many years now. Giving hundreds of billions of $$$ to the most evil regime on the planet will never bring peace, and they know it!!!

  2. IraB Says:

    the entire episode was a charade amd a tawdry sham, designed to provide political cover for the republicans, who allowed the corker-cardin amendment to pass, in the first place, as well as cover for democrats who for reasons of political expediency need to cast a meaningless vote in order to assuage a large number of jewish voters (see Schumer). now, they can say that they tried to stop the iran nuclear deal, but that the democrats successfully filibustered their effort. in reality, the deal was sealed when corker-cardin passed by 98-1 back in may. only senator tom cotton voted against corker-cardin. what coker -cardin did was to change the voting requirements for disapproving the deal to hugely favor the madrassa graduate. formerly, before corker cardin, a treaty had to be approved in the Senate 60 votes. corker cardin was crafted so that the senate would have to produce 67 votes AGAINST the deal. no way was that going to happen. the fix was in! THE FIX WAS IN!! Everything thereafter has been a charade, designed to provide cover for everyone. everyone, who need to show their constituency that they TRIED to do what that constituency wants from them, whether it was to vote yea, or nay, now has a fall back position under which to hide, from the bare naked fact that collectively, they ALL approvedIran nukes, Iran ICBMs, and the probable second holocaust. this is disgusting!

  3. IraB Says:

    the madrassa graduate is not alone in this. they’ve placed israel in a tough situation. i believe that tom cotton is the only honest one of the whole lot of them. interestingly, senator Barbara Boxer was not present at that 98-1 Corker -Cardin vote.

  4. Peter Says:

    Democrats block effort to kill the Iran nuclear deal

  5. Peter Says:

    Roskam: Administration’s Failure to Turn Over Iran-IAEA Side Deals is a Scandal

  6. Peter Says:

    Roskam: Iran Deal Wins the Worst Idea Ever Award

  7. Peter Says:

    Boehner: Legal Action on Iran Deal ‘Very Possible’

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