Iraq Residents: ‘We Know America is Providing ISIS with Weapons & Food’

Iraq Residents: ‘We Know America is Providing ISIS with Weapons & Food’

“We now think ISIS is being used as a tool by America to divide and weaken Iraq”

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Wall Street Journal


The people of Iraq are increasingly blaming the United States for the spread of ISIS in their country, a Wall Street Journal report reveals.

While interviewing Iraqi refugees in a tent city in Baghdad, journalist Yaroslav Trofimov discovered that a growing number of residents believe ISIS is receiving direct support from the American government.

“We all know that America is providing ISIS with weapons and food, and that it is because of American backing that they have become so strong,” said Abbas Hashem, a 50-year-old who recently fled Ramadi.

Others, such as prominent lawmaker Alia Nusseif, made equally striking comments, accusing the US of using ISIS as a proxy army to split up the country.

“We don’t have any trust in Americans anymore,” Nusseif said. “We now think ISIS is being used as a tool by America to divide and weaken Iraq.”

Sabah Karhout, chairman of the Anbar Provincial Council, stated that America’s shockingly “shy” role towards ISIS has been disastrous for opposition groups.

“If you want to help someone, do it with strength to achieve results, not with drip-drip-drip as if you expect them to die anyway,” said Karhout. “The Americans are playing a very shy role—and if this American support had not been so shy, the Sunni tribes would not have gone over to the side of ISIS.”

In response to the comments, the Wall Street Journal alleged that “such conspiracy theories about America’s support for Islamic State are outlandish, no doubt,” a statement that ignores key points regarding the continued rise of ISIS.

Declassified Pentagon documents recently obtained by political watchdog Judicial Watch revealed that the US has deliberately supported al-Qaeda and other radical groups in an attempt to destabilize Syria.

As noted by Insurge Intelligence writer Nafeez Ahmed, the US went forward with the policy despite admittedly knowing it would lead to the rise of ISIS and the fall of Iraq.

“According to the newly declassified US document, the Pentagon foresaw the likely rise of the ‘Islamic State’ as a direct consequence of this strategy, and warned that it could destabilize Iraq,” Ahmed wrote. “Despite anticipating that Western, Gulf state and Turkish support for the ‘Syrian opposition’ — which included al-Qaeda in Iraq — could lead to the emergence of an ‘Islamic State’ in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), the document provides no indication of any decision to reverse the policy of support to the Syrian rebels.”

Since the secret 2012 report was written, the Obama administration has continued its support of so-called “rebel” groups despite their admitted ties with ISIS.

Just last September, a commander with the Free Syrian Army (FSA), a group deemed “moderate” by the President, admitted to cooperating with multiple terrorist groups including ISIS.

“We are collaborating with the Islamic State and the Nusra Front by attacking the Syrian Army’s gatherings in… Qalamoun,” Bassel Idriss, an FSA commander, told the Daily Star.

In July of 2014, “several factions within the FSA” openly gave their US-supplied weapons to ISIS shortly after pledging allegiance to the group.

An ISIS fighter speaking with Al-Jazeera the year prior confirmed that the FSA would regularly donate or sell their weapons after reciving shipments from the US, a well-known issue ignored by the Obama administration and supporters of the Syrian war.

“We are buying weapons from the FSA,” Abu Atheer said. “We bought 200 anti-aircraft missiles and Koncourse anti tank weapons. We have good relations with our brothers in the FSA.”

One of the most troubling aspects for Iraqis has also been the repeated US weapons airdrops to ISIS fighters, a continuous mistake according to US officials.

The Obama administration’s transparent support of radical extremists in the region, a move aimed solely at toppling the Assad government, has even lead to a drop in ISIS’ recruitment numbers, causing ISIS leaders to demand potential jihadists ignore “sinful” conspiracies.

US troops also protested the arming of terror groups in 2013 by posting photos of themselves online holding up signs stating they would not fight on the same side as terrorists in Syria.

Unsurprisingly, this endlessly-documented issue is mainly deemed conspiratorial by mainstream news outlets, ISIS recruiters and corrupt elements of Western intelligence.

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21 Comments on “Iraq Residents: ‘We Know America is Providing ISIS with Weapons & Food’”

  1. David Says:

    That the US, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the UAE are behind ISIS is patently clear.
    IMO, the vital question here is what is Israel’s role in all that theater of the Middle East at the moment.

    Thanks in advance for your clarifying answers, should there be any.

  2. Reblogged this on Boudica2015 and commented:
    Iraq Residents: ‘We Know America is Providing ISIS with Weapons & Food’

  3. David Says:

    thanks for your reply.
    That is probably true, but I would like to know what your thoughts are regarding how the Israeli government sees that whole conflagration.
    I mean, do you think that some of that mess might be good for them in the long term, or that the whole situation is completely negative for their country?

    Thanks again.

    • joopklepzeiker Says:

      I,am not in the loop to know how the Israeli goverment sees this .

      I have a hard time enough to gather information and make temp conclusions based on the available info.

      But as i see it , alienating Russia from the west is a bad deal for Israel,in my opinion Russia hold a key to solve the problems in the middle east.

      • David Says:

        That point you mention re Russia is exactly one of the vital ones in my opinion.
        Alienating them is a massive mistake.
        For both Israel and Europe.

        Anyway, we’ll see how things continue to develop.


        • joopklepzeiker Says:

          Thanks for your comments, highly appreciated , don,t be a stranger.

          looking forward to hear more from you

        • joopklepzeiker Says:

          Goodbye, Minsk II: Poroshenko Signs Law Allowing Foreign Troops in Ukraine

          • David Says:

            Thanks for your kind words and the info you provide.
            I’m not a person that spends a lot of time on the internet, that’s why I never write a lot in forums.

            But I like to engage in respectful, tolerant and intelligent debates sometimes.

            I fully agree with you, as previously stated, re the Russia/Ukraine issue.
            Poroshenko, like Igor Kolomoisky, are an absolute cancer for Ukraine directly, and the whole of the continent indirectly.
            I don’t have first hand info on Isarel or Iran, but I do re the two countries mentioned above.
            And since the CIA/US orchestrated coup d’etat from a year and a half ago, the Ukraine has spiraled downwards towards a very, very dangerous path.
            All the escalating rhetoric is going to fuel an arms escalation.

            This is not the place (and I haven’t got the space) to explain everything, but it will suffice to say that I think all of these has already been agreed to, pre-planned if you like, and that the tensions will continue to get higher and higher… but will stop short of just the beginning of a possible conflagration.
            So expect to see more of both NATO and Russia military exercises.

            Finally, re the original point of my post, it just surprises me that someone like Ehud Barak, which it doesn’t take rocket science to know that he has a lot of good, first hand info regarding the ISIS issue, says that they could finish the whole problem off in just two days… and they’re not moving a finger.

            My conclusion? In nowadays world there are just to many private interests, all finalized behind closed doors, and the web is so interconnected and entangled, that it’s difficult for nations to make sound, direct, clear decisions that used to be normal until just a couple of decades ago.


          • joopklepzeiker Says:

            We are here very polite and tolerant, so you can feel you at home.
            Once a while we have a little battle between the personality,s, strong opinionated, but always decent.

            I do not think that there are private interest on the Israeli side, more an ongoing fight between the political top, military top and the secrete services.

            1) which info is correct
            2) What is the best reaction on that info
            3) How will the USA react on the action action.
            4) How will the people of Israel react on a action
            5) how can we finance it
            6) how will it work out into the future

            It is a continue struggle to find a balance between this forces, a hell of a job for a leader .

            I think the decisions made in Israel are sound, they are very coherent thinkers , but there are different sound decisions.

            Can you imagine how difficult it is to make a choice between the options for BiBi and/or Israel.

            It is just a country with 8.000.000 people, is it not amazing .

            I would say, a bright shinning light in the primitive darkness of the middle east, mmm, not only in the middle east.

            And i,am convinced that if the situation change dramatically for Israel, they will do everything to protect and defend Israel , the have the tools for it .

          • David Says:

            Yes, in general you people are, from what I’ve managed to read in the last day or so.
            Good on you.

            Regarding your last post, the six points you mention make sense to me, and I’m sure that you know way more than I do about Israel and its government. So I’ll go with that info for now.

            Finally, yes Israel shines a light in the Middle East darkness and disaster, and they could easily destroy whole countries thanks to their nuclear weapons, but I personally don’t see that as a solution to the problem.
            You can’t kill mozzies with cannons.

            They need to behead the f#$%ing ISIS and similar terrorist groups with intelligence and cunning, not with nuclear bombs.

            But, in my opinion, I think that a regional war (not a world one) is inevitable in the mid-term.

            It’s what happens when the entire western world has allowed the situation to snowballed out of control.

            And I think that with this message I’m finalizing my comments on this issue.
            I’ll move to other threads soon, as news becomes available.

            Cool if you reply; if not, till next time.

          • joopklepzeiker Says:

            It will not be a solution , BUT

            Never again and for sure not alone

            See you in another thread , keep save and healthy .

          • David Says:

            “and for sure not alone” is a bit eerie.
            Could you please expand?

          • joopklepzeiker Says:

            The principle of MAD is fully active if a entity is successful in complete destroying Israel and his occupants the Jews.
            And that as the ultimate last resort !

            No more hording Jews up to extermination camps .

            We ( if i may say so ) are not longer the weak and easy to blame people for all the errors in the world.

            After 3238 years we have learned the lesson, and we learned well, we have bin enough kicked around, that is why we will defend Israel till the last drop of Jewish blood.

            This is a pure private opinion and reflect in no way, manner or other the opinion of the Israeli goverment.

            Not a bit eerie, but just common sense , there is now a price to pay for exterminating Jews !

          • David Says:

            A bit out of hand in my opinion, but anyway, you’re entitled to yours.

            Stay safe and best of lucks.

          • joopklepzeiker Says:

            That is the whole idea of MAD

          • David Says:

            To carry on talking about all this (which I find really interesting) in more detail, we should change to another form of communications.
            This thread is getting too long here, and I’m not sure if the owner of this blog/web page will appreciate it.


          • joopklepzeiker Says:

            I know him well , but i agree , there is to much going on at the moment.

          • David Says:

            Well, find a solution and then let me know… if you want.

            Good luck.

  4. wingate Says:

    Gooood morning USA ! Just ask the black man in the WH – HE is orchestrating all this mess which is soon driving the USA to the wall…..

    • joopklepzeiker Says:

      But now i,am confused , i just learned he is a great guy , he has outsmart putin and bring us on the brink of a war with Russia .

      That must be good for Israel !!

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