Former Muslim Bosch Fawstin Sounding the Alarm

Former Muslim Bosch Fawstin Sounding the Alarm

November 21, 2014
by Thomas Lifson

via Former Muslim Bosch Fawstin Sounding the Alarm | FrontPage Magazine.

Reprinted from American Thinker.

Bosch Fawstin, a former Muslim raised in America, was recently interviewed (18 min) by Jamie Glazov. Fawstin spoke the hard truth about Islam, which he describes this way:

Islam is submission. Islam is death and destruction. Islam is here to control. Islam is here to make life on earth hell.

In this interview, as well as an interview (7 min) last month on a program called The Flipside, Fawstin spoke of how he was raised in a so-called “moderate” Muslim family – a family where Hitler was greatly admired.

Fawstin spoke of Islam’s hatred toward women and how commonplace physical abuse was in his immediate and extended family. He spoke of arranged marriages, of tears shed when babies were born who were girls, and of girls being told to expect physical violence after they are married.

He spoke of vile Jew-hatred that is endemic in Islamic culture.

He spoke of how his journey away from Islam was a process, noting several pivotal experiences such as observing how non-Muslim friends lived in households that did not embrace violence. He was also deeply affected by Ayn Rand.By 9/11, Fawstin had abandoned his religion and says that after the jihadist attack he was in a “flat-out rage,” not only because of seeing fellow Americans jumping out of the towers, but because of our “pathetic response” to what happened:

Our government’s job it seems post 9/11 was to protect Islam, not us. Defend Islam. Defend Islam. From George Bush to Obama.

Asked whether there is such a thing as moderate Islam, Fawstin said: “No. There is only Islam. Islam is immoderate by nature.”

Fawstin spoke of how very few leaders speak the truth about Islam. In fact, essentially no leaders, as he pointed out that even Allen West has softened his language and that while Ted Cruz uses the word “jihad,” he never speaks about “Islam.” Fawstin tweeted this last month:

Islam doesn’t make our Islamic enemy believe they’re going to win, Islamophilic Western politicians make them believe they’re going to win.

Fawstin seems to be on a mission to educate others about the threat that Islam poses to all of civilization. His primary tool of communication is through the creation of a comic-book superhero – Pigman – who battles jihadists. Fawstin talks about how Muslims dread contact with anything related to pigs, noting that if he had an airline he would have all the seats covered with pigskin leather, making it the safest airline flying.

He is also outspoken on other matters, as when he created a bold, graphic image featured on his blogspot that reads:

Ebolatarianism: Barack Obama’s refusal to do what’s necessary to protect Americans from a deadly disease.

Fawstin is a serious man talking about the most serious matters of our time.

His comics can be found at comixology, here. His blog can be found here.

Thomas Lifson is editor and publisher of American Thinker.

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  1. Paul H. Lemmen Says:

    Reblogged this on A Conservative Christian Man.

  2. Carlos Lizarraga Says:

    Mr Fawstin has spoken the truth.

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