“Goodbye, Dear Mum”: Iran Executes Rayhaneh Jabbari — UPDATED

“Goodbye, Dear Mum”: Iran Executes Rayhaneh Jabbari, Jonathan Turley, September 30, 2014

(Update: According to Fox News, her execution has again been postponed — DM)

[E]arly Tuesday, Shole Paravan said she had learned the execution had been postponed. That word came after Paravan and other supporters of Jabbari went to Rajaiy Shahr Prison to protest the pending execution, and after Jabbari’s farewell.

(Please see also Iran’s “Hanging Machine” to Execute Reyhaneh Jabbari. But what the heck; it’s not as though the Islamic Republic of Iran were Islamic or even evil. Just give them (or let them keep) nukes to play with. — DM)

Iran execution

It is another notch in the belt of Iran’s Sharia courts and medieval prison system.


Over international protests, Iran has reportedly executed Rayhaneh Jabbari, 26. Jabbari claimed that a former Iranian Intelligence Ministry employee tried to rape her and that she stabbed in him the shoulder to escape. Despite the fact that a drink given to her was found to contain a date rape drug, the Iranian officials still wanted her hanged and they have now carried out their intent. As she was being led away to be hanged, a guard showed mercy and gave her his phone to type a final message to her mother. Her reported message below is poignant and tragic as a final goodbye to her mother.

Jabbari wrote:

“I am currently handcuffed and there is a car waiting outside to take me for the execution of the sentence. Goodbye, dear Mum. All of my pains will finish early tomorrow morning. I’m sorry I cannot lessen your pain. Be patient. We believe in life after death. I’ll see you in the next world and I will never leave you again because being separated from you is the most difficult thing to do in the world.”

When her mother called the prison to ask what she could do, they told her to pick up the body of her daughter.

Jabbari was a decorator who said that she was contacted Morteza Abdolali Sarbandi, who arranged a meeting. She said that Sarbandi drugged her and tried to rape her after the two met at a café and she agreed to go to his office to discuss a business deal. She said that Sarbandi took her to a remote building and offered her a fruit drink which was later found to contain the date-rape drug. Her family noted that the wounds from a small pocket knife to the shoulder would not have caused death.

After her arrest, her family said that she was tortured to confess.

It is another notch in the belt of Iran’s Sharia courts and medieval prison system.


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3 Comments on ““Goodbye, Dear Mum”: Iran Executes Rayhaneh Jabbari — UPDATED”

  1. Carlos Lizarraga Says:

    How sad.And what an injustice.

  2. tyrannovar Says:

    This is how Islam beats down all women and turns them into property, animals really, barnyard animals to be used, I won’t say used for what. Contrast the Islamic attitude toward women with that of the attitude of Western Civilization as exemplified in the Hellenic religion where almost every myth, story or parable put women on a pedestal and portrayed women as Goddesses and heroines, or again as exemplified in the code of chivalry in Medieval Europe where Knights explicitly dedicated themselves to the defense of and to the honor of women, the code of chivalry by the way that was the banner of Western Civilization in it’s previous battle against evil Islam during the Crusades. By supporting Islam Iran has abandoned civilization and cast it’s lot with the savage barbarian.

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