Islam’s war on Israel

Islam’s war on Israel, Dan Miller’s Blog, July 22, 2014

Islam, the religion of death not peace, continues its winning streak. President Obama shows many signs of approval.

Obama laughs

An article posted by Daniel Greenfield at Front Page Magazine and republished at Warsclerotic is titled “Israel’s War with the Muslim Brotherhood.” It makes a powerful case supporting this thesis:

Israel has become a flashpoint in the region because it is the only place where an armed non-Muslim minority has been able to make a stand against Muslim genocide.  Israel has been fighting the forces of the Muslim Brotherhood in Gaza since right after the Holocaust. Its soldiers are fighting so that the same forces that have been ethnically cleansing the Christians and Jews of the Middle East do not reach Israel. [Emphasis added.]

Mr. Greenfield’s entire article is well worth reading.

In my view, the greatest threat to Israel, the United States and the rest of the free, democratic and civilized world is the religion of peace death, of which the Muslim Brotherhood is a member and within which it has powerful allies. The Muslim Brotherhood also has Islamic clients such as Hamas, currently more generously supported by Iran due to the Brotherhood’s fall from grace in Egypt, which President Obama had tried to prevent.

Perhaps President Obama does not view the Islamic threat as Islamic. If and to the extent that He realizes the nature of the Islamic threat, He either does not mind or approves. He very rarely interrupts his fund raising, golf games, vacations, photo op efforts (or such other duties as He may think He has) to emit shrill noises complaining about any Islamic entity, and then only when politically convenient to do so — without noting that its actions are Islamic.

Recently, He offered obligatory pro-forma support for Israel’s right to defend against Hamas’ missiles and her terrorists who emerge from tunnels to kill or capture Israelis. However, He then admonished Israel to reduce civilian casualties in Gaza by showing more “restraint.” He thereby suggested that Israel is not already excising the maximum restraint reasonably possible. She is, in the face of Hamas’ successful efforts to put non-combatants in the line of fire to increase the numbers of photogenic “civilian” casualties and hence to garner popular and governmental approval and support.

Hamas does not want peace. It wants death, certainly for Israel and for enough of its own “martyrs” to show to the world and to claim that their sad deaths were due to Israel’s vile aggression. Israel should not have to submit that that sort of warfare, and neither should any other state or human.


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