Off Topic: Abbas Demands Total Israeli Capitulation or I Won’t Talk to You

Abbas Demands Total Israeli Capitulation or I Won’t Talk to You, The Jewish PressTzvi Ben-Gedalyahu, April 3, 2014

Humpty Dumpty sat on the wall. Humpty Dumpty had a great fall and who even wants to put him together again?

Abbas and ArikatMahmoud Abbas (L) and PA negotiator Saeb Erekat, without straight jackets. Photo Credit: Miriam Alster/Flash9

Mahmoud Abbas lost his marbles, and the Palestinian Authority went berserk Thursday without the Peace Talks Straight Jacket as they came up with a bunch of new conditions for extending peace talks that essentially eliminates them.

That has been the aim of Mahmoud Abbas from Day One, but now that he is feeling its oats by thumbing its nose at the Oslo Accords, the Roadmap, John Kerry, President Barack Obama, Tzipi Livni and the Good Humor Man, he has removed all pretenses and acted like he has the world in his pocket.

He has the United Nations in his pocket, but has yet to learn that the world still includes non-Muslim countries and even a few nations that tolerate and sometimes actually support the existence of the State of Israel.

In response, Israel’s long-time cream puff negotiator Tzipi Livni finally showed her Israeli stuff and essentially told the Palestinian Authority not only to get lost, but she also offered to help it do so by suggesting a few sanctions on Ramallah.

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry maintained his cool and reminded Israel and the Palestinian Authority that he has led the horses to the trough and now it is time for them to decide whether they want to drink his poison.

If Abbas drinks, he is a dead man because it means compromising, a cardinal Arab sin. If Israel drinks, it means suicide as a Jewish state.

Abbas got off his horse and jumped on a bronco, but he doesn’t know how to ride it.

Following are some of his new demands for extending talks, which really have been an illusion anyway except that make Kerry feel like he has accomplished something:

–Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu must sign on the dotted line that a new Arab country, once known as the Palestinian Authority, will include all of the land that was restored to Israel in the Six-Day War in 1967;

–Netanyahu must sign on the dotted line that the capital of this new insane asylum will be eastern Jerusalem, meaning its flag will fly over the Western Wall;

–Israel not only will release the terrorist that the Palestinian Authority  demanded it free last week, but it also will include a few others, 1,174 to be exact, including Marwan Barghouti, serving five life terms in prison for arranging the murders of Israelis;

– Israel will end the maritime blockade of Hamas-controlled Gaza;

–The IDF will not enter Arab-controlled cities, not even to arrest terrorists;

Israel will give the Palestinian Authority control over ‘Area C,” which includes most of the Jews who live in Judea and Samaria.

The only demand missing is for Israel to admit that the Holy Temples never existed, God forbid, and that the Elders of Zion should be the official textbook in Zionist schools.

There are a few other demands, none of them surprising since they have been Abbas’ game plan all along. His strategy has been to get what he wants with the help of Kerry. If that doesn’t work, Plan B is to rely on the hopes that the United Nations will force Israel to go belly-up.

Plan C goes back to the favorite Arab solution – war.

Israel promptly announced that the Palestinian Authority can forget about the fourth batch of terrorists leaving their jail cells, a superfluous announcement since the PA already has refused to approve the list of names of terrorists who were to be released.

Even Tzipi Livni has enough of this nonsense.

and she must be complimented for being so graceful as to giving the Palestinian Authority a chance to repent by formally asking it to withdraw its request to join 15 U.N.-related agencies, more formally known as treaties and conventions.

She added if Abbas does not step back from the edge of the cliff, Israel will slap sanctions on Ramallah.

What can Israel do?

First of all, it can withhold from Ramallah tax revenues it collects for goods flowing into the Palestinian Authority from the rest of Israel. That amounts to tens of millions of dollar a month.

Israel can also go to court to collect the millions of dollars the Palestinian Authority owes the Israel Electric Company for electricity.

Not even the European Union would be able to make up the difference. Saudi Arabia could, but it won’t.

Maybe Tehran can help Abbas.

Before that happens, the Arab League will meet next week and after counting the damage the Palestinian Authority has done to itself, it could try to put Humpty Dumpty back together again and give him back his straight jacket.

If it does, Livni will be first in line to say it was all a misunderstanding.

If it doesn’t, the road shows move to the United Nations, which gives mad men a lot more room to ride wild broncos.

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One Comment on “Off Topic: Abbas Demands Total Israeli Capitulation or I Won’t Talk to You”

  1. Eyeman Says:

    MOO ZAH REEM wierdos!! such a shame to have to expend so much time and energy trying to keep those wierdos from completely self destructing, primarily because the only other people with whom it may be possible to reach some kind of arrangement are even MORE wierd!!

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