Saeed Abedini, US pastor held in Iran, denied treatment after prison beating

Saeed Abedini, US pastor held in Iran, denied treatment after prison beating – FoxNews.

(Shows us the pure EVIL and barbarism of the mullah regime. Like the Iranian weapons ship this poor man’s fate will most likely be ignored by the P5+1 in order to strike a deal. To our American readers: Please do whatever is in your power, even if that is only writing a letter or an email, to help him. – Artaxes)

By  / Published March 13, 2014 /

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Nagameh Adedini seen here in this undated photo with husband Pastor Saeed Abedini. (Courtesy of ACLJ)

An American pastor being held in one of Iran’s most brutal prisons is in serious danger, after initially being refused medical treatment following a beating at the hands of his jailers, supporters of Saeed Abedini said.

The 33-year-old Abedini, whose wife, son and daughter are at their home in Boise, Idaho, was taken to a hospital after the attack at Iran’s Rajai Shahr prison, but once there was shackled to a hospital bed and ultimately refused surgery for internal bleeding, according to his wife. On Thursday, a relative of Abedini complained to prison officials and was told a “mistake” had been made and that surgery would be performed. Although the relative was allowed to see Abedini, no procedure had taken place.

“This development is of great concern to me and our children,” Naghmeh Abedini told “Saeed needs medical care and treatment and for the Iranian government to withhold the surgery he so desperately needs is deeply troubling.”

Abedini, who has served just one year of an eight-year sentence meted out to him for allegedly evangelizing in his homeland, was taken to the hospital a little over a week ago, according to the American Center for Law and Justice, the attorneys representing the pastor and his family here in the U.S.

Abedini suffers pain in his abdomen and internal bleeding — the result of a number of prison beatings, according to his attorneys.

Abedini’s supporters say he has been beaten and tortured in the prison, and that he was only in Iran to try to start a secular orphanage. President Obama, Washington lawmakers, the European Union and a host of international humanitarian groups have called on Tehran to release Abedini, but the Iranian government has so far rebuffed them.

Abedini’s relatives in Iran told ACLJ officials prison guards told them Wednesday they had an order from the court banning visitors and stating that Abedini must remain shackled at all times. Despite spending a week at the hospital, Abedini was denied treatment and test results.

Naghmeh Abedini has been working tirelessly to keep her husband and his plight in the international spotlight. She has often left her children back home to travel around the world making her husband’s story known. She continues to pressure the Iranian government for her husband’s release.

ACLJ Executive Director Jordan Sekulow believes the temporary transfer of Abedini was due to a visit to Tehran of European Union’s High Representative Catherine Ashton. By moving him to a hospital, the regime might have been able to deny her permission to visit him while creating the impression he was getting care, Sekulow said..

“It appears the Iranian government is interested more in public relations than in human rights and providing medical treatment to a U.S. citizen who is imprisoned because of his Christian faith,” Sekulow said.

Abedini had been making one of his frequent visits to see his parents and the rest of his family in Iran, his native country, where he spent many years as a Christian leader and community organizer developing Iran’s underground home church communities for Christian converts.

On this last trip, the Iranian government pulled him off a bus in September 2012, and said he must face a penalty for his previous work as a Christian leader in Iran.

“The Iranian government is wrongfully imprisoning him and denying him needed medical care because he is a Christian,” Sekulow said.

“Just reiterates that we need to keep pressure on Iran. As soon as pressure is let up, the situation gets worse.”

Lisa Daftari is a Fox News contributor specializing in Middle Eastern affairs

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10 Comments on “Saeed Abedini, US pastor held in Iran, denied treatment after prison beating”

  1. This is outrageous..the obama administration needs to stand up for its citizens.

  2. tiva82 Says:

    The world do nothing about about it

  3. renbe Says:

    Evangelizing is punishable by law in Iran and many other countries. If you can´t do the time, don´t commit the crime.

    • artaxes Says:

      Only a sick brain can think that everything that is law is ok.

      1) Just because it’s law does not mean it’s ok. You know, there was a time in Germany when the law allowed the mass killing of Jews.

      2) But if you still think that everything that is law is ok, then you surely agree that the expulsions of the muslims from Spain after the Reconquista was perfectly ok. You see, the expulsion was based on the orders of the Spanish monarch. In a monarchy the orders of the monarch are law. So, no problem here, right?

      3) You seem to find no problem with a man being beaten in prison and denied medical treatment just because he is in disagreement with the regime. This tells us as much about you as it tells us about the regime you are defending.

      4) If Europe or the US would issue a law to forbid muslim spreading their faith you would be the first one to whine here on this forum.
      But I’m curious. If Europe were to issue a law which would demand every muslim in Europe to be killed, would that be ok?
      Im eagerly awaiting your answer.

      I tell you what your mullahs are: sick, perverse bastards dragging Iran back to the stone age.

    • Justice for israel Says:

      HA HA HA renby just come out of a meeting oh your days are really numbered now your governments going to with it never ever had any dealings with russia Israel has the go ahead not only to liquidate your nuclear program but to level your country keep up the BS because your mincemeat,I was all for the talks but the BS has gone far enough and you and your people are now going to really pay,Do what you want to the pastor there will be no shia Islam when were through,just a smouldering pile of dust

    • First off, it has been reported that he was working on a secular orphanage. Secondly, what are you so afraid ideas? Show me the great advancements your wonderful Islamic society has developed since the 7th century?? Your comment is telling..I dare you to reject all the technologies the west had brought to the globe…like the one were using now. Your ignorance is depressing, and your “culture” is being seen for what it is..backward, radical and hateful.

  4. Ajax Lessome Says:

    The expectation that the election of new Iranian President Hassan Rouhani would curtail persecution of minorities has proved a bitter disappointment . Sadly, human rights under the so-called “moderate” Rouhani presidency is a case where past is prologue.

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