Israel said to be working with Saudi Arabia on Iran strike plan

Israel said to be working with Saudi Arabia on Iran strike plan | The Times of Israel.

Riyadh reported to give Jerusalem okay to use Saudi airspace on cooperate on other tactical support, according to Sunday Times

November 17, 2013, 3:41 am

King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia (photo credit: AP/Hassan Ammar/File)

King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia (photo credit: AP/Hassan Ammar/File)

Israel is working on coordinating plans for a possible military strike with Saudi Arabia, with Riyadh prepared to provide tactical support to Jerusalem, a British newspaper reported early Sunday.

The two countries have both united in worry that the West may come to terms with Iran, easing sanctions and allowing the Islamic Republic to continue its nuclear program.

According to the Sunday Times, Riyadh has agreed to let Israel use its airspace in a military strike on Iran and cooperate over the use of rescue helicopters, tanker planes and drones.

“The Saudis are furious and are willing to give Israel all the help it needs,” an unnamed diplomatic source told the paper.

The report comes as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is in the midst of a blitz to lobby against a deal and cobble together an international alliance opposed to an agreement that allows Iran to continue enriching uranium.

On Sunday, Israel will welcome French president Francois Hollande, who a week earlier put the kibosh on a deal between six world powers and Iran that would ease sanctions in return for initial steps toward curbing enrichment.

Netanyahu on Friday urged France to remain firm in its pressure on Iran ahead of a new round of talks on the Islamic Republic’s nuclear program in Geneva, kicking off Wednesday.

After meeting Hollande, Netanyahu will head to Moscow on Wednesday to meet with President Vladimir Putin and lobby against the deal.

Iran’s bid for the bomb “threatens directly the future of the Jewish state,” Netanyahu told CNN recently, in a short preview clip of an interview broadcast on Saturday. As the prime minister of Israel, he stressed, he had to care for “the survival of my country.”

CNN reported that Netanyahu also said in the interview that he would do whatever it was necessary to do in order to protect Israel. The full interview will air Sunday morning.

Should a deal be reached, according to the diplomatic source, a military option would be back on the table. Saudi tactical support, in lieu of backup from the Pentagon, would be vital for a long-range mission targeting Iran’s nuclear program.

Saudi Arabia, a Sunni Muslim country across the Persian Gulf from Iran has long been at odds with Tehran, and fears a nuclear weapon would threaten Riyadh and set off a nuclear arms race in the region.

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6 Comments on “Israel said to be working with Saudi Arabia on Iran strike plan”

  1. Ira Says:

    If this is true, strategicly speaking it would have much better to keep it under wraps.
    The only positive purpose this article serves is diplomatic.
    So apparently it’s either a bluff or a leak?

    • josephwouk Says:

      I had the same reaction, that the leak was purposeful…

      My best read is that it’s to cast a pall over the upcoming “talks.”

      The message:

      “If you make a ‘bad” deal, we’re not going to accept it.”

      • Ira Says:

        In any case, the latest article on a possible French-Israeli-Arab front against Iran shows the cards are undergoing a rigorous shufflin’ an’ the game’s a changin’. And somehow I feel the heat must be stokin up over in the WH. Far from boring at least.

  2. David Says:

    Right. There’s no element of surprise in all this. If there is an Israeli mobilization for war US intel will of course be able to detect it and Obama will warn the Iranians that Israel is coming. That is why I say that the war must start with an EMP, electromagnetic pulse. An EMP missile is just one missile that can be launched without a mobilization but it would completely paralyze Iran including its defenses. The result is that all subsequent bombing of each nuclear site would be a cake walk and Israel could keep going back for more and more sorties until every single nuclear site in Iran is rubble, WHETHER OBAMA AND IRAN LIKE IT OR NOT. As Carl von Clausewitz said, surpise is easier in tactics, small scale operations, than in strategy, large scale operations. An EMP is a small operation with a big punch. One single missile and it’s essentially all over, the rest of the war is basically a mopping up operation. The problem is that all indications are that Netanyahu will never use an EMP. After all, what would people say??????


  3. David Says:

    The timing of this leak is too cute, coming right before the November 20 Geneva talks. This leak is another one of Bibi’s empty threats. If he were serious he would just shut up and do it. Bibi is a little kid who is all bark and no bite: “You better quit it! Cause I ain’t messin with you! Quit it! I said quit it! Or else!” When Bibi says “or else” he means, “or else I’m tellin the teacher!”

    • Ira Says:

      Unfortunately you’re probably right about that.
      On the other hand, that was most likely Jabari’s train of thought until it was suddenly interrupted…

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